How to Choose the Right Nicotine Strength

The main reason people vape is to find a healthier way of getting their nicotine, but everyone has different tastes. There is a variety of nicotine strengths you can choose from, from 0mg up to 36mg. But how do you know which strength is right for you? Well today I'm going to explain how to choose the right nicotine strength.

Why is the Nicotine Strength Important?

The nicotine strength is imperative in affecting your vaping experience. If your nicotine strength is too low, you won't get the hit you want and may end up having to vape more often to get the required strength. This can leave you unsatisfied and could lead you to go back to smoking cigarettes.

If your nicotine strength is too high, it can lead to violent coughing, which will obviously leave you unhappy. A nicotine overdose can also lead to symptoms like nausea, dizziness and headaches.

How Much Nicotine is in a Vape compared to Smoking?

Most cigarettes have between 4 and 14mg each. The amount absorbed in smoking is dependant on how deeply the person inhales and how much of the cigarette is smoked. This is similar to vaping, which depends on how deeply the person inhales and how many puffs they take. Most cigarettes have between 4 and 14 mg each. The advantage of vaping is that you always know what nicotine strength you have.

What is the Right Nicotine Strength for my E-Juice?

Below is a simple guide for how much you should be vaping:

  •  0 mg/ml - No Nicotine at all - For those who don't need the nicotine
  • 3 mg/ml - The lowest level - For those who want to reduce the amount of nicotine
  • 6 mg/ml - Low level - For those who wish to enjoy a full e-juice taste but with a low nicotine level
  • 12 mg/ml - Medium Level - For those who used to smoke 1 pack a day
  • 18 mg/ml - High Level - For those who used to smoke more than 1 pack a day
  • 24 mg/ml - Very high level - for heavy smokers who used to smoke more than 2 packs a day
  • 36 mg/ml - The highest level - Used to dilute an e-juice with a low level of nicotine

Sub Ohm vaping usually means lower nicotine strengths, but more vapor, meaning more nicotine will be inhaled. They usually contain around 3mg to 6mg to give the feeling of smoking. It is advised not to use at high levels since it may be too harsh, even for heavy smokers.

How to Reduce Vaping Nicotine Levels

The goal of this is to start to reduce how much nicotine you use. Since the levels are straightforward, it is easy to make adjustments. You would want to start with an e-cigarette with the right strength to perfectly replicate the smoking experience.If you're a heavy smoker, it would probably be best to start with a higher strength.

Once the nicotine strength has been found, it can gradually be reduced. Do not rush to lower the strength or to give up if you do not get the buzz. Going too fast can lead to you being unsatisfied and returning to smoking.

The experience of finding a nicotine strength can be fun at times but also frustrating. Be careful as nicotine is a drug that can be dangerous. While you're not likely to get nicotine poisoning from this, it can cause sickness if it isn't what the vaper is used to.