High-quality Replacement Glass Tanks

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High-quality Replacement Glass Tanks

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Quick answers to your questions

1. Why buy a replacement glass tank?

Accidents happen at any time and when your vape tank breaks down, you don't need to spend on a new vape tank. Instead, you can purchase replacement glass that is available at a lower cost. This is not only beneficial to the budget but it also lasts longer as glass tanks are resistant to corrosion from e-liquids which are acidic.

2. Is it safe to vape from a torn vape tank?

There is nothing too serious as you can vape from a torn vape tank but it is not 100% safe. The safe suggestion is to order some new replacement glass.

3. What is a crack in the vape tank?

Whenever a tank generates a dry hit, it can begin to rupture due to the excessive pressure within the well of the tank. If you're buying a new vape appliance, it's important to carefully examine its wattage and voltage capabilities. This is mainly because some tanks cannot handle the excessive production levels and break down.

4. Can you replace the glass on the tank?

Glass is the most delicate part of any tank atomizer and is more prone to breakage. When your vapor tank glass breaks, you need replacement glass. At Vapor Shop Direct, we have trusted replacement glass brands like Geekvape, Uwell, Aspire, Innokin, Smok, and many more.

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