Vapor Shop Direct was introduced in 2015 as Vape Shop UK. Over time, the company began to take baby steps towards covering all branded vapes and promoting its business throughout the UK. 

In recent times, the company has more than 300 vape brands, which differ in taste, size and model. We are privileged to help smokers who want to quit smoking find the right alternative to vaping. We have a wide range of vape products which includes disposable vape, e-liquids, pods, mods, tanks, vape kits, replacement coils and other vape accessories.

The journey of a company taking steps to become a giant vape supplier in Birmingham was not as smooth as it seemed. There have been many breakdowns along the way, which we have overcome from our confident team players.

We have a technical team, content writers, sales and executive team players to manage our technical, analytical and social affairs. Our well-organised customer support team is on hand to assist our customers or random visitors whenever they need any assistance.

Just come up with any flavour that you crave at the moment, we have countless flavours available that suit different tastes at our Vapor Store

Whether you are a beginner, a regular vaper, or someone who is desperate to quit smoking, trying one of our vape products is sure to suit all your needs. We are considered in the list of best vapor shop UK because our customers praise our products and services which indicates our excellence in the vape sector.

For now, we are not moving to international delivery, but we can plan about that soon. Our services are for the UK only and we offer home delivery if your delivery address is within 5 miles of our Vape Store UK.

We enable free delivery across the UK on orders over £25.

Find out more about delivery and shipping before ordering from the store. Some terms have shipping charges, so please check.


Our Mission 

Helping smokers to quit smoking by providing the same sensational alternatives as attractive and tasty vape devices.

Our vision

To be the favourite vapor store of UK vapers.

Vape Shop Online UK - Vapor Shop Direct

There are a lot of vape stores in the UK that sells the same products that we do. But, the difference between others and us is that we remain transparent about our product prices, shipping charges, services and more at the same time. When it comes to getting the products delivered to the right address, we ensure that it reaches their destination within time.

Our customer support team is online to address any questions that arise along the way.

TPD Compliant Vape Products

All vape products are TPD compliant so you don't need to worry about the quality and quantity of our products.

But yes, shoppers under the age of 18 will have to wait until they reach the right age to shop from our stores.

We introduce ourselves as the best vaping store in the UK that you can blindly trust for all your vaping needs.

How to find us

Contact us to discuss anything about vaping, we'd love to talk to you about it. Visit our social media accounts to take an insight into our products and services. We are active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.