How Do You Clean a Vape Tank?

Have you been using the same tank for months, only to now find it's dirty and no longer performing as well as it used to? Now you have two options, clean it, or throw it away. Obviously, if you want to save money, the best option is to clean it. So today we am going to explain all the ways you can clean a tank.

Method 1 - The Simple Rinse

This is the most common and most used method for cleaning your tank. We start by taking the tank out and then taking the tank apart. You can take the O-Rings out, where old flavour is most likely to get stuck.

Get a cup or bowl of water and warm the water up. Place the tank parts into the water and leave them until they are clean. If the tank is very dirty, add a few drops of dish soap.

Carefully dry the components with a paper towel and let it stand for 10-15 minutes. If you want to speed up the process, you can use a blow dryer, but be careful, as the O-Rings can be damaged when subjected to too much heat. Once this is done, put the tank and the device back together again.

Method 2 - A Deeper Rinse

If you don't want to use water, you can use propylene glycol. Just soak the parts in a bowl or cup with unflavoured PG, then stand it up on a napkin and let it dry. This works very well in getting the excess flavour off. You can use VG, but this is more difficult to use, since it is thicker.

You can also use other things around the house for cleaning. Vinegar works well, but it must be properly rinsed to stop the smell from sticking. You can also use baking soda and ethanol (you can get the latter at your local liquor store.

People also mix lemon juice or dish soap with water. As long as the components are rinsed, they are effective for cleaning the tank.

Method 3 - The Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Ultrasonic Cleaner is usually used for cleaning jewellery and precious metals, but it can also be used to clean vape tanks. An ultrasonic cleaner specifically for tanks isn't needed, as a normal one does the same job.

You can simply put the parts in the machine, fill it with water and dish soap and just let it clean. The parts will come out sparkly clean, almost brand new.

These cleaners can easily be found online and sometimes in your local shops.

Method 4 - Get Rid

If you have tried the above options and the tank is not giving you good performance, it may be time to change the coil. You can buy some coils here!

If you are tired of constantly having to look for new coils, you may want to buy a rebuildable atomiser (RBA). You can get some RBAs here!

If you already have an RBA, don't throw your coils out yet. First try removing the cotton, burning off the rest of the juice and then rinsing them. A toothbrush will be helpful for brushing coils. Now put it back together again and start vaping.

There are many ways you can clean your tank, depending on how much time you want, or how clean you want it. Ultrasonic Cleaners work extremely well but take a while to clean. Vinegar and Ethanol work well, but sometimes the best way is the simplest, with a simple wash.

Try out these ways and see which is best for you. Get your tank clean and have a good vape.