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We at Vapor Shop Direct stock a variety of fantastic vape mods! Vape Mods are devices for advanced users which offer great performance in terms of its power and cloud creating abilities. We offer the best range of regulated vape mods used by the beginners to mechanical mods.

Our best box mods contain a more advanced chipset that can read and monitor atomizer resistance and also allows you to control the power and temperature of the mod. Acquire some of our excellent mods today!

What is a vape mod?

A vape mod is an advanced or modified e-cigarette, thus the name "vape mod". Unlike regular e-cigarettes that are cylindrical in shape and have the appearance of a pen or cigarette, vape mods have a box shape. That is the reason they are also sometimes referred to as vape box mods. Their box shape is a result of their advanced features, as we are going to see below.

What are the advanced features in a Vape Mod?

Below are the features of vape mods that make them different from regular e-cigs.

  1. Temperature Control

This is one of the best features in a vape mod. The user can regulate the temperature and the amount of power being used by the vape. Thus you will no longer have to worry about taking a dry hit or one that is too hot. Different people have different preferences when it comes to the desired temperature while vaping, and with this advanced feature in a vape mod, you can take your hits at your preferred temperature.

  1. Adjustable power and wattage

Wattage refers to the amount of power being delivered to the atomizer from the battery. By using a higher voltage, the vape accelerates faster, instantly giving you a more intense vaping experience without irritating your throat.

  1. Sub-ohm vaping

This is a new trend in vaping, and it is increasingly getting more popular among vapers. With a vape mod, you can attach a sub-ohm atomizer to the battery. This results in a better vaping experience, producing more intense vapor clouds and better flavors.

  1. Total tank customization

Instead of having the vape mod holding the e-liquid itself, it has a detachable atomizer. This feature enables more customization for the user. You can attach various atomizers as per your preference. Various atomizers have different liquid holding capacity, different flavors, and different vapor concentration. Therefore with a vape mod, you can have your vaping experience as you prefer it.

Benefits of using a Vape Mod

The various modifications on a vape mod mean higher customization for the user and thus a better vaping experience. Below are the main benefits you get to experience with vape mods.

  1. Superb Temperature Control

Traditional e-cigs do not have a feature to control the temperature. This leaves the vaper with a limited choice when it comes to their preferred temperature while vaping. According to many vapers, some flavors such as strawberry and other fruity flavors are best taken while cool, while other flavors like coffee, tobacco, and chocolate are best taken at a higher temperature. With vape mods, the user can regulate the temperature of the vapor thus giving them a better experience. Another advantage with this is that dry hits, which were an awful experience for the vaper, can now be reduced with temperature control.

  1. Wattage Control

By being able to control the amount of power reaching the atomizer, the vaper can control the amount of vapor produced per hit, the intensity of the throat hit, and the taste of each flavor. This has led to the popularity of vape mods as users can enjoy their vaping experience according to their preferences.

  1. Sub-Ohm Vaping

Ohms are the units of measurement for the resistance in the electrical signal moving from the battery to the atomizer. Less resistance, as is the case with a sub-ohm vaporizer allows more signal flowing to the atomizer. This results in huge clods that are loved by many vapers. This also allows the users to get a greater flavor and this leads to an overall better experience.

  1. Long battery Life

Another reason why vape mods are so popular is their high quality and long-lasting batteries. This is especially important for users that are vaping as a means to quit smoking. A dead battery would bring about a craving for nicotine with no safe way of getting it and that way, many users will relapse to smoking cigarettes. With a good battery, however, you can be confident that you will not find yourself in such situations.

Different Types of vape mods.

There are generally two categories of vape mods; regulated and unregulated. The difference between the two is in their construction. Regulated mods have an inbuilt electronic circuit that allows the user to control key features such as temperature, power, and so on. An unregulated mod, on the other hand, has no such modifications and instead only have power on the button that immediately sends raw power to the atomizer without allowing any customizations. The following are the main types of vape mods you will find in today’s market.

Box mods

Box mods have a square design, which explains their name. They come under both forms, regulated and unregulated, and can either have an internal battery or space to hold an external battery. Whereas the regulated box mods will display messages for the user after switching on and will allow them to have their own settings like temperature and so on, unregulated mods have no such features and by turning them on the connection between the atomizer and battery is completed thus activating it. The various models of box mods include; Eleaf iStick Mix, Smok P3 Mag, and the Aegis Solo.

Squonk mods

A Squonk mod is a kind of vape mod that comes with an in-built squeeze bottle allowing you to feed e-liquid to the atomizer. Squonks can hold more e-liquid than most of the other vape mods, thus serving you for longer. By pressing the bottle, the wicks begin to saturate with the e-liquid allowing you to vape. Squonk mods can also be categorized as regulated or unregulated, and some of the popular Squonk mod types include; Aegis Squonk Kit, Aspire Feedlink Revvo, iJoy Capo Squonker, and the Topside Dual Squonk Mod.

Single/double battery mods

When it comes to single and double battery mods, it is about the battery capacity and how much time and power you are going to get out of it. If you are a heavy vaper, you will be better suited using a double battery option like the Aegis Legend, while if you do not use too much, then you can opt for a single battery option like Smok Alien. If you are vaping a lot, you will, therefore, need to up the number of batteries for a longer-lasting experience. Having a spare battery or two doesn't hurt, and will prolong your vaping on long trips or holidays. Invest in a 18650 battery charger for added flexibility.


When it comes to choosing the best vape mod type, you will need to consider a few things first. Some of these include the power wattage, the desired temperature while vaping and so on. Different vape mods will give you different features and understanding your preferences will help you choose the most suitable option for you.

The market is flooded today with many brands. Many of the available options are pretty good, and they will definitely give a fantastic experience. If you are not looking for too many specifications, you can also opt for regular e-cigs such as vape pens or pods, which will also get the job done. The bottom line is, get a mod whose benefits you understand and safely enjoy. 

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