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Delicious IVG E-liquids

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Frequently Asked Questions - IVG E-liquids

Why buy IVG e-liquids?

IVG is one great vape brand in the vape industry and almost all the retailers and wholesalers stock up their stores with IVG products. The quality of the product and features the brand comes up with make them the best in the industry. If you are new to vaping, relying on IVG e-liquids is a safe start.

What Specialities Do IVG E-liquids Contain?

IVG e-liquids are available in endless flavours that can suit different taste buds. No matter whether you want a fruity taste, mint flavour, menthol, or even tobacco, IVG e-liquids hold a variety of flavours to satisfy different demands. 

What is the IVG limited-edition selection box?

The box contains 3 packs of IVG e-liquids that are 50ml bottles. It contains some delicious cool snowball smoothie containing vanilla, a twist of lime, a little crunchy biscuit, and dessert flavour with mixed fruit and offers a perfect vape. The pack contains three flavours which are Plum Pudding, Caramel Crunch, and Snowball Smoothie. 

Why use e-liquids?

E-liquids are a combination of flavourful vape liquids that are nicotine-free and sometimes have a certain amount of nicotine. It can be used to fill the cartridge of a vape device with authentic e-liquids.

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