Vape Mesh: What is it and How to Use It?

When looking for coils, tanks and other accessories, you may have come across the word "mesh". But what is "mesh"? And why is it used? Well today I'm going to tell you the answers you need.

Mesh - A definition

Mesh is a barrier made from connected strands of metal, fibre or other materials, similar to a net or web.

The stainless steel mesh is used in coils, known as "mesh coils". These coils still use a wick but need a topper (an atomiser that sits on top of the mod, tank or battery). These coils should mainly be used by experienced vapers, who know what they're doing and how to fix any problems that arise from using mesh.

Mesh wicks are made of stainless steel mesh wrapped in a thin tube. The stainless steel is usually burnt with a butane torch before use to allow a build up of soot to insulate it from the coil, also reducing the chance of hot spots appearing. These wicks should only be used by expert vapers who know what they're doing.

Mesh is also used outside of vaping, to make clothes, as well as to help in surgery. Mesh is used to create waste paper baskets and fences, as well as a protection from radio frequency radiation on microwaves and other appliances.

Is Mesh Better?

Mesh Coils can be seen as better because they have a bigger surface area. This is good as a larger surface area will increase both the intensity of the flavour and the production of the vapour. This can also give you quicker ramp up times, meaning you can vape faster. A bigger surface area can also be bad however, as it adds a lot of mass, meaning it needs more power. 

One other issue with Mesh wicks is that a lot of preparation needs to go into putting them together. This can be tedious as you need to set up a wire coil to warm up so the mesh can actually move the juice. 

An advantage of mesh wicks is they last longer than normal wicks, lasting months rather than days. This is because, when the wick gets dirty, you only need to wash and dry it, rather than replacing it. This means it will cost less.

Safety With Mesh

You must be very careful when using any wire mesh product, as it is built up of wires, and cut ends of wires can pierce the skin. It is recommended that you do not leave wire mesh unattended around children, as they can get harmed by it. When handling wire mesh, it is also advised to use safety glasses so your eyes are protected.

Mesh has been around for many years and is very good in enhancing your flavour and vapour production. If you want to buy a mesh coil, be sure to look on our coil page! Remember, mesh coils are recommended to be used by experienced vapers, who know what to do with mesh. Happy Vaping!