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Who is Vapor Shop Direct?

At Vapor Shop Direct we hold one of the largest selections of Vape Products in the UK. Offering a wide range of Vape Kits, Disposable Devices, Nic Salts, Short Fills, Replacement Coils and more, for everything vaping we've got you covered. 

We strive to supply our everyday vapers with the highest quality products. It is our mission to guide and transition many smokers into the vaping world. We provide a service second to none to our customers. Our Focus is to continually provide you with essential, authentic vape products that you require for the best possible prices. 

What is vape? 

Vaping is the inhalation of vapor produced by an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) or other vaping device. Electronic cigarettes use batteries to power their devices. Usually, the liquid inside the cartridges contains nicotine, flavourings, and chemicals. A person inhales the vapor created by heating the liquid.

What is the Difference Between Disposable Vape Device and Traditional Mods?

Disposables differ from rechargeable mods in that they do not require coil replacements, liquid purchases, or even recharging because once they run out of e-liquid, they can be discarded. If you are new to vaping then disposables are highly recommended as they do not require any maintenance and can be easily disposed of and replaced once the device is empty. However, if you are used to vaping then sticking to rechargeable devices may be the best option for you. Using these devices also has many benefits also, such as their long-lasting rechargeable batteries, and being able to swap and choose which flavour you desire to vape. 

Whether you are a beginner or an everyday vaper, Vapor Shop Direct offers complete satisfaction to all of our dedicated customers, especially if you are interested in quitting smoking. Vaping can be a fresh start for you as you continue your new journey.

E-liquid Brands and Products 

There are many award-winning brands that produce both high quality E-liquid juices and disposables, such as Yeti, Doozy Vape, Ramsey E-Liquids, Moreish Puff and many more. For more information on our products and services feel free to contact us. Our focus is to continually provide you with essential, authentic vape products that you require for the best possible prices. If you have any vape related questions you can contact our customer support team via Facebook or Telephone. Email support is also an option.

Orders placed before 2pm are Dispatched the Same Working Day, using Royal Mail's Tracked Shipping Service. In order to get FREE NEXT DAY UK SHIPPING just spend over £20 with us.

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