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1. What are drip tips?

Drip tips are alternative to e-cigarette cartridges. It is a reusable hollow tube that can be screwed on the vaping atomizer that allows the vaper to drip e-liquid onto it. 

2. What is drip vaping?

When someone drip vapes, they don’t use any tank to store the juice. Instead of that, they drip the liquid into a small tank that is built into the vape device. Therefore, if you drip vape, you need to refill the vape often.

3. How does a vape drip tip work?

The drip tip is nothing but an alternative to the e-cigarette reservoir. It is a reusable hollow tube through which a vaper can drip e-liquid directly into the mouthpiece. 

4. Can drip tips affect flavour?

It can affect the flavour as the drip tip has a lot to consider with the flavour because of the part of the tongue the vapor reaches. 

5. What brands of replacement drip tips do you have?

We have the most credible brands of replacement drip tips available which are Aspire and Smok.

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