• Can You Mix E-Liquids?

    Vaping is a big experience for people. While some people may just vape simple flavours to get their nicotine, some may get more experimental with their flavours, getting fruit, dessert, candy or soda flavours. Some vapers may want to get even more experimental, and try combining their e-liquids, but is this a good idea?

    Yes. Mixing two e-liquids is not in any way dangerous, and it can be really fun to do! You don't need a degree in mixology or blending, all you need is your imagination... and some e-liquids.

    What flavours are good for mixing?

    There are tons of different flavours out there, meaning there are loads of combinations you can make. It is recommended that you mix simple flavours though, as using more complicated flavours (like New York Cheesecake and Strawberry Jam Cookie) together can ruin the flavour, plus these are usually already combinations so you don't need to worry. But what flavours are the best for mixing?


    Coffee flavours mix with a surprisingly large amount of flavours. You can simply combine coffee with chocolate to create a mocha flavour, or fruit to create a fruity coffee (you can pick any fruit). A popular beverage is coffee with mint, and now you can mix these flavours too! If you like dunking biscuits in your coffee, then maybe a coffee and biscuit mix is for you. Anything you like with your coffee can now be made in e-liquid form by mixing.


    If you're a former smoker who wants to vape new flavours, but still misses the taste of tobacco, why not try mixing tobacco with other flavours? Tobacco can work really well with sweet fruits, like strawberries and pineapples, though they don't blend quite so well with sour fruits, like lemons and raspberries. Rum and tobacco is a popular drink, and you can vape that now too! Mixing tobacco with menthol can also give you a wonderful minty taste.


    While many people may find a vanilla vape boring on its own, mixing it with other flavours can really make the vanilla shine. Mix this with flavours that usually work well with vanilla, like chocolate or coffee.

    Green Tea

    Green Tea is said to work very well with fruit flavours, popular ones including raspberry or mango. These light flavours work well with the green tea.

    Other Flavours

    There are a whole range of other combinations to discover! Think of mixing e-liquids like cooking. Do these foods usually work together? Some flavours may work, but others may not, so have a think before you start mixing. 

    How does mixing affect nicotine strengths?

    You may think that adding e-liquid with 3mg nicotine with another e-liquid with 3mg nicotine, you get 6mg. This is wrong. The amount of nicotine stated on the bottle, "3mg", is actually 3mg per ml, so it will actually stay as 3mg. The way to work out how much nicotine a mix would have is by working out the averages of the e-liquids, so, if you had a 6mg and a 0mg, it would average at a 3mg. 

    Why should I mix flavours?

    There may be a time when you want to experiment and try a new e-liquid, like coffee or vanilla. You may try these flavours and find you don't like them. What can you do then? You've opened it and used it, so you can't send it back. Don't worry, you don't have to throw it away. You can mix it with other flavours, making it taste better or at least less prominent. 

    Another reason to do it is because it's fun! Lots of people enjoy cooking, and now they can enjoy mixing e-liquids, trying new flavours, becoming a real professional e-liquid mixer. 

    If you like to have 3mg of nicotine, but you cannot currently get your favorite flavour at 3mg, you can combine a 6mg with a 0mg to make a 3mg e-liquid.

    Things to look out for when mixing

    Be safe when mixing e-liquids containing nicotine. If nicotine gets on the skin, it can pass through the skin, similar to how nicotine patches work. Tobacco farmers have found that  "green tobacco sickness" can occur when too much nicotine is absorbed into the skin, however, a large amount of nicotine will be needed for this to happen, so you should be relatively safe. Be careful though, nicotine can also  cause nausea and headaches among other things. Be sure to wash off any nicotine that gets on your skin straight away.

    Also, when mixing e-liquid, make sure you are away from children or animals. If nicotine, or large amounts of e-liquid, is ingested, visit a hospital right away.

    A piece of advice for mixing e-liquids, try to keep with the same PG/VG ratio, as mixing two different ratios will alter the ratio and may ruin your vaping experience.


    Now you should know that you can mix e-liquids, which flavours work best together, and safety with mixing, among other things. Try some mixing today using our huge range of e-liquids. Happy mixing!

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  • How Long Does E-Liquid Last?

    How long Does E-Liquid last?

    This question can mean two different things: how long does it take to vape a bottle of e-liquid, or how long does a bottle last until it expires. I am going to answer both of these questions here today.

    How Long Does an E-Liquid Take to Vape?

    The time taken to use up a bottle depends on 3 factors. The first, and most obvious, factor is how much e-liquid is in the bottle. Obviously a 120ml bottle will take longer to vape than 10ml bottles. Companies make large e-liquid bottles so it lasts longer, with bottles usually up to 120ml.

    The second factor is how you vape. If you vape a normal sub-ohm mod and tank with wattage between 50 and 100 watts, you are most likely going to vape around 30ml in an average week. If, however, you are a cloud chaser, you most likely will use 60ml in an average week. 

    The final factor is how often you vape on an average day. A casual vaper may last weeks with a 30ml bottle, but a chain smoker (who vapes constantly, almost without putting the device down) would vape a lot more.

    If you look to see how these three factors apply to you, you should be able to work out how long your e-liquid will last before it's finished.

    How Long Does an E-Liquid Last Before It Expires?

    Like food, e-liquids also have best before dates, to tell you when the vape juice is no longer guaranteed to be the same quality. The expiration date depends on the ingredients involved.

    PG has a shelf life of 2 years, and VG can have a shelf life of 4 to 6 years. Flavours can last up to a year, but the PG and VG (which are preservatives) make the flavour last longer. The expiry date is dependant on the PG shelf life, so e-liquid lasts 2 years. This is the same with all e-liquids, even Max VG, which still contains a very small amount of PG.

    The expiry date can also depend on how the e-liquid was created. If it was made by professional chemists in a science lab, it will last longer than one being made in some guy's shed, as well as being safer and better.

    E-Liquid can still last up to 2 years once opened, provided that the lid is firmly sealed and the bottle is properly stored.

    Storing E-Liquids

    Another thing that affects the shelf life is how the e-liquid is stored. The best way to make it last the full two years is to store in in a cool, dark place, out of the sun, as the sun can break down the ingredients. The best place to store it is in an opaque container in a cupboard or on a shelf, away from the reach of children.

    How To Tell If An E-Liquid Has Expired?

    There are two things to look for to see if your e-liquid has expired. The first is separation. Sometimes, the heavy elements will sink to the bottom of the bottle. Shake them up to mix them again. If the e-liquid doesn't mix, it's probably time to get rid of it.

    The second thing to try is the smell. Like milk, e-liquid can change its smell when it expires. If the e-liquid smells off, it is most likely time to throw it away.

    Can I Vape Expired E-Liquid?

    Like other foods, the expiration date is mainly a suggestion for when to finish the vape juice for. It is not dangerous to vape it, neither is it bad for your health, it is just a recommendation. Several things can happen to the e-juice when it expires: the taste can fade away, the smell and colour can change and the bottle can become tinted. The nicotine can also disappear, which is bad news for any former smokers wanting to get their nicotine. If these happens, you should probably throw it away.

    How To Get Rid Of Expired E-Liquid?

    There are many ways to get rid of your e-liquid when it has expired. Don't throw it in a drain without heavily diluting as the nicotine will end up in the watershed. One way to get rid of it is by pouring it in a suitable, absorbent material, like coffee grounds or kitty litter.

    If you are a gardener, you can put the e-liquid in water and spray it over the plants, as pests don't like the nicotine.

    If you find yourself constantly having to throw away e-liquid, try getting it in smaller amounts. Use the guide above to decide how much e-liquid you probably need.

    Now you should know how long your e-liquid will last, so you can carry on vaping without worries of e-liquid expiring or running out.

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  • What Is CBD E-Liquid?

    CBD (which stands for Cannabidiol) E-Liquid is a type of e-liquid that uses marijuana instead of nicotine to create a marijuana infused product (or MIP). CBD e-liquids, also called CBD vape juice or cannabis e-juice, is used as fluid for vaping, just like regular e-liquid.

    Like its primary component, Cannabidiol, the e-liquid is usually used for healing people, like medicinal marijuana, but unlike marijuana, it does not get people high. This is because the component of marijuana that gets you high is the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD had been used decades before vaping even became popular.

    What are the medicinal benefits of CBD e-liquids?

    CBD has many medicinal benefits, and has been approved by the NHS, with pharmacists looking to stock CBD e-liquids. CBD has also been legalised recently by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid.

    Seizure Reduction

    CBD is notable for its ability to reduce seizures, as seen with the story of Charlotte Figi. Charlotte Figg suffers from Dravet Syndrome, a type of epilepsy, which at worst would give her 300 seizures a week. Her parents and doctors tried everything, but with no hope. Her parents tried CBD as an alternate treatment, and it worked. Her seizures suddenly dropped down to only one a day. This brought a lot of attention to CBD, to the point where a special strain of high-CBD cannabis called Charlotte's Web.

    A randomised controlled trial was done to test if CBD can reduce seizures in Lennox–Gastaut syndrome sufferers. Lennox–Gastaut syndrome is a hard to treat version of epilepsy that means people suffering from it will have to have help with normal activities. The participants were randomly assigned to 3 different treatments, a 20mg dose of CBD per kg body weight, a 10mg dose of CBD per kg body weight and a matching placebo. All groups experienced reductions, with the 20mg group getting the most reduction, at 41.9%, followed by the 10mg group, with 37.2%, and the placebo group, with 17.2%. The researchers concluded that CBD causes a greater reduction in seizures for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome sufferers.


    There is evidence to prove CBD helps to cope with anxiety. One study investigated the effects of CBD on people suffering from social anxiety by giving 12 sufferers CBD and 12 sufferers a placebo. They then simulated a public speaking task, and found the people using CBD were less anxious than the people with placebos. Many people use CBD to treat their anxiety problems, and find it works well for them.

    Other Conditions

    There is evidence that CBD can help treat psychosis and schizophrenia, as well as evidence from animal cells that it can have positive effects on diabetes, heart and blood vessels and even cancer. However, this is still ongoing research so it's possible that these results may not be the same for humans.

    Is CBD E-Liquid Legal?

    It depends where you live. Different places have different rules for CBD and, while it may be legal in some places, products also containing THC may not be legal.

    UK: Recently, Sajid Javid, the home secretary, has made prescribing CBD legal, but he has said it can only contain up to 0.2% of THC, and the THC must not be easily separated.

    USA: This is where it gets complicated. Hemp oil, made from the seeds of the marijuana plant, is legal, but anything made from the leaves or the rest of the plant isn't, and it must only contain up to 0.1% THC.

    India: Anything from cannabis is illegal, apart from bhang, a cannabis drink, allowed in a registered shop.

    Australia: CBD oil is legal, but you may need a prescription, and must have extremely low amounts of THC.

    Sweden: CBD is classified as a medical product.

    Switzerland: CBD products with up to 0.1% THC is allowed.

      What is in a CBD e-liquid?

      CBD e-liquids are basically the same as normal e-liquids, but with 1 difference. They still have the VG, PG and the flavour, but they have CBD rather than nicotine. The CBD in most of these products is CBD "Isolated", which is pure CBD, though you can have "full spectrum" extractions that include other cannabinoids (though not THC, which is illegal).

      How to buy CBD e-liquids?

      CBD e-liquids can be bought in the same way as normal e-liquids, from tobacconists and online vape shops. If you are buying CBD for medical purposes, contact your doctor first to see which is best. Always make sure if the e-liquids are legal in your location before vaping it.

      Now hopefully you should know everything you need to know about CBD e-liquids, so you can make the right choice on what to buy.


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    • Brand Spotlight - Moreish Puff

      Welcome to the first in our series of brand spotlights! To begin, we decided to look at a brand very close to us:

      Moreish Puff

      Moreish Puff was formed only a few months ago, but has become one of the fastest growing e-liquid brands, being sold all round Europe, with hopes to soon move out to Asia! New flavours are released every month, for both the Moreish Puff range and the Get Range! So let's look back on the flavours so far and explain why you should pick up some Moreish Puff today!

      The Original Moreish Puff Range

      Candy Drops


      Let us begin our journey with the candy drops range - a sweet fruity concoction that comes in a range of excellent flavours, ranging from Watermelon and Cherry to Lemon and Sour Apple. These liquids come with a tangy taste that is sure to leave a fizz in your mouth.

      Also available is a combination of flavours to create the Rainbow Candy Drops Flavour, with all the candy drop flavours under the sun inside. Don't miss out on this fantastic fruit candy creation! 


      Now on our journey, we will cool down with the magnificent chilled range. The Chilled Range was created to cool you down on a hot summer's day and it succeeded its purpose. The Chilled range combines fruit with menthol, then cools it to give that excellent frosty taste.

      With flavours varying from Mango to Blue Raspberry (a mix of blueberries and raspberries), the Chilled range delivers excellent fruity flavours! Chill out with the Chilled Range now!


      Now onto a sweet and wonderful range, the shakes. All your favorite milkshake flavours come together to make this range, chocolate, strawberry and banana, along with some lesser-known others, vanilla, blueberry and shamrock. The shamrock is a shake to bring you to Emerald Isle, a green, minty shake you are sure to enjoy.

      All these flavours are made from only the best ingredients, making the shakes taste just like the real things. Enjoy some shakes today!


      Next we bring you to a fizzy creation with the sherbet range. Combining the tangy, fizzy wonder of sherbet with fresh fruit, Moreish Puff have created this stunning range that is sure to leave a wonderful taste in your mouth.

      Flavours include lemon, cherry and raspberry. Also available is the strawberry lace flavour, a wonderous e-liquid that tastes just like the real sweets, as well as a rainbow flavour, combining several sherbet flavours to make an excellent e-liquid. Get your sherbet e-liquids today with Moreish Puff.


      Finally on the first part of our journey, we reach the soda range (also known as the cola range). The soda range combines the freshest of fruit with some delicious soda to create some excellent tangy e-liquids for all to enjoy. Three simple flavours comprise this range, with all of them tasting just like the real thing: Original Cola, Lemon and Lime Cola and Cherry Cola. Don't miss this spectacular range of wonderfully fizzy e-liquids!

      Get Ranges

      Recently, Moreish Puff have branched out, creating another brand of e-liquids, the Get Range. This range is still being added to, but let's look at the 3 ranges they have brought out at the moment.

      Get Brewed

      The first range we will look at for the Get Ranges is Get Brewed. Get Brewed consists of three spectacular coffee flavours for all the coffee loving vapers out there. The three flavours are a flat white (an espresso flavour), Mocha Frappe (a chilled coffee with chocolate) and a hazelnut vienna (espresso and cream with a nutty taste).

      These coffee flavours are almost identical in their tastes, made from the freshest of ingredients. Get Brewed today with Get Brewed!

      Get Lollied


      Next up, we have Get Lollied, a fascinating range of lollipop flavours for you to enjoy. Get Lollied have made all your favorite ice lollies vapeable, with flavours including Strawberry Split (strawberry over ice cream), Rocket (an ice dessert with strawberry, orange and pineapple) and Vimtoe (an icy treat based on the popular drink and ice lolly). Chill out and bring back some nostalgia with Get Lollied's amazing range.

      Get Slushed

      Finally, we have Get Slushed, a range of delicious slushy flavoured e-liquids. Ice is combined with various fresh fruit to make these refreshingly cool e-liquids.This varies from the sweet strawberry slushie to the sour lemon and apple slushie. Unlike other slush flavoured e-liquids, these actually do contain the ice needed for that cool refreshing vape, to make the liquid taste just like real slushies! Get refreshed now with the wonderful Get Slushed Range.

      Well, that brings us to the end of our first brand spotlight. Will you be trying some of Moreish Puff? Which flavours do you fancy trying? Remember Vapor Shop Direct stocks all of the Moreish Puff e-liquids for you to enjoy. Buy some terrific Moreish Puff e-liquids now, and I'll see you next blog.

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    • What Should I Look For In An E-Liquid?

      So you've decided to start vaping?

      You've got your e-cigarette (or mod) with the battery, but something's missing. Something imperative for your vaping experience. The e-liquid. But don't worry! We're here to guide you through all the options you have when looking for an e-liquid and help you find the one you want.

      Find the Taste

      The main thing you should look at when looking for an e-liquid is the tastes. The other parts of the e-liquid may be fine, but if you don't like the taste, you're not going to want it. Fortunately, there are infinite flavours of e-liquids available, so look for one that you think you might like.

       A lot of users will start with the tobacco flavours that closely match the cigarettes they were smoking before. These e-liquids don't actually contain the dangerous chemicals of tobacco, so you will be all right.

      Once you've found a simple taste you like, you can start getting more adventurous. You can get food blends, like donut, cake and ice cream, or fruit brands, like banana, apple and strawberry. You can even have a mixed blend, where food, fruit and tobacco are mixed together to make an e-liquid (banana donut anyone?). Of course, you can have alcohol flavours too, with cocktail liquids like beer, cider and wine. There are such a huge variety of flavours to try!

      What's Your Nicotine Level?

      The next thing you will need to decide is the nicotine strength.

      The nicotine levels you can have are:

      • Low: 6mg and below – For smokers who use half a pack or less per day.
      • Medium: 9mg to 16mg – For smokers who smoke between half a pack and a pack in a day.
      • High: 18mg to 36mg – For heavy smokers.

      You can also have no nicotine if you don't need it. Many people have nicotine free e-liquids, as they just enjoy the taste, but obviously, if you are vaping for a healthier way to get nicotine, you want some nicotine.

      The right strength is very important as, if it is too weak, you will vape more to compensate, meaning you'll spend more money, but if it is too strong, it can cause headaches. A good idea would be to start with medium strength, so you can then change it accordingly.

      Perfect the PG: VG Ratio

      PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) are the 2 other elements that make up an e-liquid. They create the throat hit and the cloud respectively. The PG can produce more flavour, but less vapour, while the VG can produce more vapour, but less flavour because of its slightly sweet taste.

      E-liquids can come in 3 PG/VG varieties, PG only, VG only or both combined in a ratio.A common ratio used for PG to VG is 50:50, so this may be what you are looking for.

      Some people can be allergic to PG. You may find, when vaping, you have a bad reaction to it. Try pure VG e-liquids (VG only) and, if you no longer have the reaction, you are most likely allergic to PG.

      How Much?

      The last thing you need to think about is how much e-liquid you need. This is an easy thing to work out, think how much you vape, or how much you used to smoke, or how much you think you will vape, and then decide your e-liquid amount based on that.

      Test the Flavour

      A good idea would be to test the e-liquid first, as you don't want to end up with a tank full of something you don't like. Be wary, even though two e-liquids may be the same flavour, they could have different flavours. They could also have different nicotine strengths even though they are advertised as having the same amount.

      Many vape shops allow you to test the e-liquids, though online shops do not (obviously). They do, however, allow you to buy tester packs, which can contain up to 20 different flavours. You can also ask for different nicotine strengths, to see which is best for you.

      And you're done!

      It may take a while to get the PG:VG ratio, the flavours and the nicotine strength that works for you. Don't just settle for what's cheap, or what's available, because that might not be what you want, and buying cheap e-liquids can cost you more in the long run.

      Remember, this journey is about experimenting with new flavours, trying and buying. Eventually, your journey will be complete, and you will be an experienced e-liquid buyer.

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