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Start your vape experience today with Vapor Shop Direct's amazing starter kits. These complete starter kits will come with a vape mod, a tank, a battery and a charger, making your first time cheaper, getting all the parts in one rather than buying all the parts separately.

All our starter kits come in exceptional quality and are very easy to use! At the cheapest price, you can get these spectacular starter kits to make your vaping experience feel amazing!

How to choose the best vape kit?

Vaping kits come in many models, and those models also sub-divide in more models with added features. Also, there are some hybrids, and these classifications may vary. We have written about some of our favourite vape kits to better educate our readers on how to get started;

Vape Pens 

The components of vape pens include a tank or chamber, atomizer, a battery, and a power button. These models combine stylized and practical designs that look like a cigar and make them ideal for new vapers. They come in different models and colours.  

Vape Pods

Unlike the pens, vape pods do not include a tank but come with integrated pods. They are easy to use, carry, and maintain by replacing the pod only. Despite being some of the newest models launched in the market, they rapidly gained popularity among new vapers that wanted to stop smoking. That is because they can use the highest nicotine strengths and still enjoy an experience similar to cigars, whilst being well designed and discreet.

Box Mods

These models have a box-like shape. They are bigger than previous models and allow a high level of personalization. In other words, you can control the power, wattage, tank, batteries, and the detachable atomizer.  Hence, it is possible to regulate the amount of vapour and the strength of the hit to the throat. Due to that, it is very popular among experienced vapers. 

Squonk Kits

Squonk mods are vaping devices that include an internal bottle of juice at the bottom that feeds the tank. You only need to pump the liquid that you need. Despite it being a simple device, it provides an excellent vaping experience which is increasing in popularity.

Sub-Ohm Kits

Known for producing big clouds of vapour. To make those clouds bigger, it is possible to add mods or changing tanks. For more intense flavours, sub-ohm vape kits are recommended.

What makes a good vape kit? 

To determine what makes a good vape kit, it is necessary to start by separating new vapers from experienced or veterans. That is because it is common that newbies’ expectations evolve and decide to try new models with unique features that better fit their tastes. See below the most important features for both categories.

Good Features of a vaping kit

  • Solid built quality.
  • Easy settings and simple to use.
  • Great design.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Great flavour performance.
  • Flexible charging with the use of external batteries.
  • Safe battery with a long-running time.
  • Power, vapour, and temperature control.
  • High strength kits ensure you are getting the best variability.

  • What are the most popular vape kits?

    For Advanced Vapers

    Despite the variety of vapes, some models earned the trust of the market due to their high performance and reached high popularity. Among young, experienced vapers, the sub-ohm is a favourite. They can play, compete, and perform many tricks while enjoying the vaping experience. 

    When it comes to experienced adult vapers, the box mods are preferred due to the high level of customization. They seem to be a one-time investment that can provide many features at once. Then are the squonk, which is practical and easy to use.

    Variable wattage adds increased flexibility, with dual batteries to ensure a longer-lasting device which can be used throughout the day.

    For Beginners

    Finally, starters vapers seem to be attracted by vape pens due to their similarity with normal cigarettes that make them easy to carry and handle. Then, when trying to use them to try to stop smoking, they prefer the vape pods because they can add strong doses of nicotine at the beginning. 


    In short, if you decided to acquire your vaping kit, you can be sure there is a perfect kit for you. The possibilities seem to be endless, and that is good when you advance in your experience. If you don´t know too much about the vaping, just select an affordable kit and keep going from there until finding what you need. But you will never know what you really until you start.

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    TECC Arc GTI Vape Kit
    Regular price £49.99
    Mag V8 Vape Kit
    Regular price £21.99
    AVP Pro Pod Kit
    Regular price £27.99
    Crown Pod System Kit
    Regular price £27.99
    Snowwolf KFeng Vape Kit
    Regular price £48.99
    Rover 2 Vape Kit
    Regular price £49.99
    Drizzle Fit Kit
    Regular price £19.99
    Podin Pod Kit
    Regular price £23.99
    Uwell Caliburn KOKO Pod Kit
    £19.95 Regular price £39.99
    OBS Alter Vape Kit
    Regular price £49.99
    Deathwish Modz Suicide King Kit
    Deathwish Modz
    Regular price £169.99
    Swag II Vape Kit
    From £44.99
    Aegis X Zeus Vape Kit
    Geek Vape
    Regular price £71.99
    Fush Nano Vape Pod Kit
    Regular price £27.99
    Vaporesso Degree Pod Kit
    Regular price £28.95
    Topside Lite Vape Kit by Dovpo Topside Lite Vape Kit by Dovpo
    Topside Lite Vape Kit
    Regular price £40.49
    IVG Pod Starter Kit
    From £11.95
    Aegis Boost Pod Vape Kit
    Geek Vape
    £24.99 Regular price £39.99
    Vinci X Pod Vape Kit
    Regular price £45.00
    Proton Mini Ajax Vape Kit
    Regular price £69.00
    Q-Pro Vape Kit
    Lost Vape
    From £36.99
    Mulas Pod Vape Kit
    Regular price £49.99
    Aegis Squonk Kit
    Geek Vape
    Regular price £55.60
    Fetch Mini Kit 1200mah
    Regular price £34.99
    Breeze NXT Pod Vape Kit
    Regular price £29.99
    SLX Pod Vape Kit
    Regular price £19.99
    Smok Novo Vape Kit
    Regular price £20.99
    Lemon Tart POD Device (20mg)
    Dinner Lady
    Regular price £5.99
    Blue Menthol POD Device (20mg)
    Dinner Lady
    Regular price £5.99
    Smooth Tobacco POD Device (20mg)
    Dinner Lady
    Regular price £5.99
    Myle Basic Vape Kit
    Myle Vapor
    Regular price £24.99
    Myle Starter Kit (4 20mg Flavour Pods)
    Myle Vapor
    Regular price £29.99
    Nunchaku 2 Vape Kit
    From £55.99
    Exceed X Vape Kit
    Regular price £32.99
    P3 Mag Kit
    Regular price £66.00
    Vinci Pod Vape Kit
    £26.99 Regular price £34.99
    Bonza Limited Edition Vape Kit
    Vandy Vape
    Regular price £99.99
    Adept Zlide Vape Kit
    Regular price £39.99
    Nunchaku RDA Vape Kit
    Regular price £70.00
    Joyetech eGo AIO Kit
    Regular price £25.00
    MVP5 Ajax Vape Kit
    Regular price £95.99
    RPM 40 Kit
    £24.99 Regular price £38.00
    Podstick Pod Vape Kit
    Regular price £26.99
    Aegis X Vape Kit
    Geek Vape
    Regular price £79.99
    Rincoe Tix Pod Vape Kit
    Regular price £30.00
    Falcon Vape Kit
    Horizon Tech
    Regular price £85.00
    Endura T18 II Mini Vape Kit
    Regular price £27.49
    Orion X Plus Pod Vape Kit
    Lost Vape
    Regular price £66.99
    Gen 220W Vape Kit
    Regular price £67.99
    Vaporesso VM Stick 18
    Regular price £25.99


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