What is PG and VG?

There are many things to take into account when buying e-liquid; the flavour, the size, the nicotine strength. Another thing to take into account is the PG/VG ratio.

What is PG and VG?

PG (short for Propylene Glycerol) is a thin tasteless liquid. This is used in e-liquids to give you a throat hit. 

VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is a thick, sweet liquid, which brings you a sweeter taste, as well as larger vape clouds.

What Else is PG used in?

PG is used in a variety of food products. It can be used to hold food components together and thicken them, but can also be used as an anti-caking agent, stopping foods like grated cheese from sticking together and forming clumps. It can be used as an emulsifier to stop substances separating, like oil from salad dressing.

PG can also be used to extend a food's shelf life by stopping the oxygen from making it decay. It can also strengthen dough by modifying the starch and gluten, as well as preserving moisture for food like marshmallows to stop them from drying out.

Furthermore, it can enhance the use of food, e.g. by making a liquid clearer. It can be used as a texturizer, to change the texture of food.

PG is also used in medication , for injectables and some creams and ointments.  It is also used in industrial products, like paint and antifreeze.

What Else is VG used in?

VG, like PG, is used a lot in food manufacture. It is often used as a sweetener in many products as it helps oil and water based ingredients mix. It can also be used in some frozen foods to prevent ice crystals from forming, e.g. frozen yogurt, ice cream.

Glycerin is also used in many medical products, such as heart medication, cough remedies and anesthetics. It is also used in toothpaste as it prevents the paste from drying up or hardening in the tube. It is also added to other products like soap, deodorant and makeup

What PG/VG Ratio is best?

The ideal PG/VG ratio depends on what you are looking for with your vaping. 

If you are looking for a hard throat hit, a higher PG ratio would be best. Many ex-smokers enjoy the kick in the back of the throat, and PG with nicotine can give them this sensation. The flavour is also enhanced with an addition of PG. People looking for a smoother vape would prefer a High VG vape, which gives a smoother feel in the throat and a thicker feel in the mouth.

If you are a cloud chaser looking to produce a lot of vapor, a high VG e-liquid may be best. Cloud chasers sometimes even like to do tricks with their vapor, enhancing the vaping experience. Someone who may want to keep their vaping more low key in public may opt for a higher PG e-liquid.

Things to Be Wary Of

There is a known allergy of PG. It is rare, but if, when vaping, you find yourself having a rash, you may have an allergy, so a high VG e-liquid is the better option. Other side effects of using PG can include dehydration. It is advised to drink more liquids when you first start vaping. This dehydration usually would last up to a week, after that point the body has gotten used to the PG.

Like PG, VG can also make you dehydrated when you first start vaping, so be sure to keep hydrated for up to a week, after which the body has gotten used to the VG.As VG is thicker, it can reduce the life of atomisers quicker than PG, as it clogs the coils up quicker and may not work well in some tanks, e.g. the Nautilus range. If this happens, you may be better off with a higher PG e-liquid.


Now you should know what PG and VG is and what ratio is best for you. Many people start with a 50/50 VG/PG and work from there. Shop now to find the e-liquid for you!