Reymont Bar Disposable Vapes

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Quick Questions and Answers

1. What is VG and PG ratio in Reymont Disposable Vapes?

Reymont is quickly becoming one of the favourite brands of vapers who like to vape often. Its VG and PG concentration ratio is 70%/30%, enabling vapers to enjoy the vapor with a smooth hit of the throat. The device is ideal for MTL (mouth to lung) vapers.

2. How many flavours do you have?

Vapor Shop Direct is known for its product quality and we stock only the most branded vape products that are certified and insured. We have around 10 flavours which include Cola Ice, Cooky, Taffee, Watermelon Bull, Energy Drink, Grape Bull, Green Apple and Hawaiian Pog. 

3. What does Hawaiian Pog contain?

Hawaiian Pog is a premium quality blend of sweet passion fruit, guavas, and oranges that lend a sweet flavour. Vapers will love this blend of fruity flavours that can make them indulge in vaping every time.

4. How much nic salt does the device contain?

The device contains 2ml E-liquid with 20mg Nic Salt which is ideal and can give a smooth throat with a mind-blowing vaping experience.

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