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Now you must be familiar with e-liquids. If you still have questions, we suggest you check out our previous blogs and get a clear understanding of e-liquids.

This guide is about what's in e-liquids and the different manufacturing methods. So, shall we begin?

Long story short, the ingredients in e-liquid are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, flavouring and water. E-liquids differ in the combination of VG and PG as one of the two often dominates the other.

E-liquids UK

This is a time-consuming process and the mixing of ingredients has to be given due attention to generating quality e-liquid. Before selling nicotine in the market it is necessary to ensure its correct quantity.

Initially, the flavouring is added to the base of PG and VG and then mixed thoroughly. It requires a small number of flavours to obtain a good quality e-liquid.

Then, nicotine is added to the mixture which is stirred well to ensure that the mixture is authentic and delicious.

Then, the e-liquid is left in for a few days, allowing the flavour to deepen.

PG & VG Ratio

Vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are used as additives in various food products such as biscuits and ice cream. Both ingredients work as a preservative in food and as a diluent in e-liquid to dilute nicotine. There is a misconception that e-liquids contain antifreeze which is due to the origin of propylene glycol. However, vegetable glycerin is derived from coconut oil or soybeans.

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Each manufacturer practices different methods when preparing e-liquids. Most of them prefer to prepare flavourings such as tobacco and menthol with varying nicotine strength.

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