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Dinner Lady E-liquid

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Dinner Lady Purple Rain 0mg 60ml E-Liquid
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Dinner Lady Sweets 50/50: Jelly Bean 10ml E-Liquid-3mg

Questions & Answers - Dinner Lady E-liquids

What is Dinner Lady?

Most people are aware of the Dinner Lady brand, but if you are new to vaping then getting knowledge of the Dinner Lady vape brand is essential. It is one of the most considerable vape brands. They are known for manufacturing quality e-liquids, nic salts, disposable vapes, and many more vape devices. 

How to use e-liquids?

Vapers need to press down the switch of the electronic cigarette, inhale from the mouthpiece, and the atomizer starts working. The e-liquid will heat up and start to draw from the cartridge so that vapers can breathe in its vapor. 

Is it possible to use vape liquid in any vape device?

The purchase of Dinner Lady 50/50 e-liquids is considered the most versatile e-liquids. They can be used in any device or tank without any hassle.

How many flavours are available in Dinner Lady?

There are lots of flavours available in Dinner Lady e-liquids which start from fruit flavours to a combination of sour & sweet fruits, we have them all at our store.

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