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Ramsey E-liquids

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Questions and Answers - Ramsey E-Liquids

What is Ramsey E-liquid?

Ramsey Shortfill E-Liquid is a UK-based e-liquid brand that offers everything from mint, fruit and menthol flavours to sweet milkshake flavours. The brand is one of the most bought e-liquid flavours in the UK due to its taste and authenticity.

Is Ramsey E-liquid TPD Compliant?

All Ramsey e-liquid bottles are TPD compliant because they are childproof, tamper-evident, contain 0mg nicotine, and range in size from 50ml to 100ml. We are a trusted vape store in the UK with thousands of vape brands that are all TPD compliant.

Do you have any discount for Ramsey e-liquids?

Ramsey e-liquids are an authentic range of e-liquids available from £8 to £10 depending on the flavour, size and model you choose. You can buy 2 Ramsey e-liquids for £10 and pay £8.99 each.

Can I add nicotine to e-liquids?

Ramsey Shortfill e-liquid contains 0mg nicotine and has enough room to add nicotine. Therefore, you can add nicotine and enjoy the delicious taste that comes with nicotine.

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