Uwell Crown V Replacement Coils 4 Pack


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Coil Resistance: 0.23ohm, 0.2ohm, 0.3ohm
Pack Size: 4 Pack
Made In: China


The Uwell Crown 5 replacement coils were created for use with the Uwell Crown 5 vape tank. This coil comes in three different types, all of which are built to help sub ohm vaping and have mesh builds to increase flavor and vapour production.

The 0.2 Ohm Crown 5 coils have the lowest resistance and depend on a triple mesh construction to produce the most vapour. These coils can be supplied by a variety of sub ohm vape devices and can be used between 65 and 70W.

The 0.3 Ohm Crown 5 coils, on the other hand, have a dual mesh design and are better suited to providing a combination of flavor and vapour output due to their slightly higher resistance. They can be used between 50 and 55 watts.

The 0.23 Ohm Crown 5 coils are in the middle of the two. They use a single mesh build that creates slightly more vapour than the 0.2 Ohm coils while still delivering better flavor from e-liquids. They can be used between 65 and 70 watts.


  • Uwell Crown 5 Coils
  • Designed For Sub Ohm Vaping
  • Multiple Resistances
  • Mesh Builds


  • 5 x Uwell Crown 5 Coils

Important note: We have a few simple tips to ensure you stay safe when changing coils including;

  • Don't run over regulated wattage.
  • Don't touch a hot coil.
  • Prime new coil with e-liquid and let sit for 15 minutes.
  • If your device goes behind voltage / wattage make sure your device is set to designated power.
  • If it tastes burnt, change your coil.
  • Use ceramic tweazers to remove hotspots, especially RDAs and RTDAs.


Uwell are a new company compared to most but strive off excellent customer service, quality products and a trustworthy brand. Manufacturing quality vape gear through new innovations and technology to enable an upgraded vaping experience for its customers. Uwell offer a variety of products including vape pods, kits, tanks, mods, RBA's, coils and other accessories. Whether you are a new or advanced vaper, Uwell will certainly satisfy your taste buds.

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