Aspire K2 Starter Kit

Colour: BLACK
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Dimensions: 160 x 13mm
Battery Type: 800mAh Built In Battery
Coil Resistance: 1.6ohm
Features: Fixed Wattage
Made In: China

Aspire K2 Starter Kit

An economic and convenient tobacco alternative. The K2 brings you an open source tank and battery system that is reusable and rechargeable and best of all the K2 %۪s tank is refillable.

Available as shown, a black battery with the black tank and the pink battery with the silver tank.

When it comes to Vaping pens you can admit that it has made everything look simpler and safer. With the use of technology you can be able to enjoy your leisure without any worry, just as long as you can recharge them and refill the e-liquid, you are good to go. One of the best pens that have been in the market long enough giving you the best modern vape is Aspire K2.

Inside the box

  • 1x Aspire K2 Tank
  • 1x 800mah Battery
  • 2x 1.6ohm atomizer (one Pre-installed) (Bvc Coil Compatable)
  • 1x Micro Usb Cable
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Case


Aspire K2 is one of the easiest Vaping devices to use, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, you can still enjoy the amazing experience form this device. It is an economical and convenient alternative to tobacco. Just with a battery of 800 mAh and a 1.8 ml tank you can still find a very good and dense vapor. The battery of this device is reusable; this means you can charge it and you can as well change it. The tank is normally filled from the bottom. This device has a BVC atomizer which is perfect for both the beginners and then advanced user, the BVC coils used are very durable, they play a big role in generating a flavoured vapor from the flavored juice in the tank. The device also has a micro-USB charging port which gives it a convenient, easy and a very high-speed recharging ability.


  • Aspire K2 tank
  • Aspire K2 has a tank of 1.8 ml in size which may look small but it is very efficient when it comes to performance. The tank is fitted with BVC coils which are very essential in produces the uses the flavor of the juice in the tank to produce a quite dense flavored vapor which satisfies the user very much. The tank on this devise uses the bottom fill method where the case at the bottom is screwed off and the e-liquid gets refilled into the Pyrex glass compartment, after this it is very easy to replace the case. The tank is very strong and cannot be affected by the acid juice that is poured in it. It is also heatproof which it cannot be burnt even when it is exposed to heat.

  • BVC coils
  • Aspire K2 makes use of BVC coils which have a power of 800 mAh. The coils have the ability to burn the juice in the tank and produce a very satisfying vapor to the user. These coils are quite durable and replaceable; they can last for some weeks or even up to one month before they can be replaced. The coils are wrapped with organic cotton wick.

  • Bottom fill tank
  • This is another feature that distinguishes this device from many others. The refilling of the e-liquid is done from the bottom, there is a case which is screwed off and underneath it, there is a port which you can drip the e-liquid through it.


    • Size: 15 mm by 84 mm by 42 mm
    • Atomizer short circuit protection
    • Over-discharge and over-charge protection
    • 1.8 ml tank which has replaceable coils
    • Micro USB charging port on the case
    • Stainless steel
    • ON and OFF protection capability
    • 800 mAh carbon fiber style battery
    • Fire button with blue LED ring


    • Tank: Height- 59mm, Width- 15mm
    • Battery: Height-84mm, Width- 15mm

    Battery specifications

    An 800 mAh carbon style battery is used in this device, this battery produces a fixed output voltage of 5.5 volts, and this is due to the optimization for consistency, it uses just around 17 watts for the BVC coils. The battery can be charged in a very short time and will last long even if it is used heavily, it can last up to 24 hours of use. The battery can be charged through a micro USB port which is found at the bottom of the device.


    • Aspire K2 has a very comfortable mouthpiece, this makes it very easy to use.
    • You can be able to easily replace the coils. The BVC coils which are fitted in the tank can be changed to replace with new ones, this makes it quite cheap, and it means you can use your device for a long time by just replacing the coils if they fail to work properly.
    • Batteries are rechargeable and replaceable, there is no expense of buying batteries every day, you can use as you charge until the damage is when you can replace them.
    • Pass-through charging, this means that you can be able to use the device as you charge, this is an advantage because you cannot keep waiting for your device to charge before you use. You can use anytime, whether plugged to the charger or not.
    • You can easily refill this device. The bottom of the device where the e-liquid is refilled has a big fill port which makes it easy to drip the liquid in.


    • The charging port is at the bottom, this means you cannot charge while it stands upright because it cannot stand on itself from the bottom.
    • The capacity of the battery is a bit low, 800 mAh is not so convenient to use it for a long time before you charge.
    • Small tank capacity- this device has a tank capacity of 1.8 ml, this can be inconvenient to most advanced user because they will have to refill it every time.


    If you are really looking for a good size, affordable and effective Vaping pen then Aspire K2 will be the best for you. In fact, this device can be the best if you are a newbie in this field, it will give you a very good introduction. Finally, this device is very comfortable to use because of its mouthy piece.

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