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White Grape by Yogi Farms 50ml Shortfill

Never Miss These FAQs 

1. What is nic salt?

Nic Salts are nothing but amazing vape products designed for people who want to consume nicotine. They are perfect for those looking for a replacement for traditional cigarettes. In addition, vapers who prefer longer intervals between vaping may find Nic Salt suitable. They are designed to prevent longing.

2. Can nicotine salt be harmful?

When you completely vaporize nicotine products, whether its freebase or nicotine salts, it's absolutely safe compared to sticking to traditional cigarettes. Vaping does not produce nic salt combustion and thus cannot be exposed to the toxins and carcinogens present in conventional cigarettes.

3. Can you use Shortfills without nicotine?

Shortfills are e-liquids that do not contain nicotine and are available in 25ml bottles. We have Yogi Shortfills which are 50ml and have enough room to add just enough salt and make a delicious concoction that's far more enjoyable.

4. How long could a 50ml e-liquid bottle last?

A 50ml e-liquid bottle can last 2 to 3 weeks for a heavy vaporizer. For a medium vaper, it can last up to a month. And, for an accidental vaporizer, it can take about 2 months to complete the entire bottle.

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