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  • Do you want to start with squonking?
  • If you want, then you need to consider a few things. There is a difference between a squonk mod and traditional RDA vaping which is that the container takes care of the e-liquid. The puff you draw from the device is extremely tasteful. Squonk mod is suitable for anyone who wants to start with squonking.
  • Why choose squonk mod? 
  • Squonk mods have been available for just about a decade, however, the act of squonking has as of late arrived at its ongoing elevated degree of notoriety. An ever-increasing number of atomisers and mods for squonking are showing up available for sub-ohm vaping, mouth to lung vaping and presently even specific squonkers for nic salts. Regardless of your style or e-fluid inclination there are mods and viable atomisers for everybody.
  • Why beginners should buy squonk mod?
  • Squonk mods have space to fit batteries, a little container of juice as well as a cylinder that is attached to the 510 association. The 510 pin includes a little opening where your juice comes out. Whenever you have bought your squonk mod, you simply need a viable base taking care of RDA and a battery in the event that it is excluded as a component of the bundle.

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