Nanostix Disposable Pod Device

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Nanostix Neo Pods V2 1.7% 4 Pack - Fantasi Apple IceNanostix Neo Pods V2 1.7% 4 Pack - Fantasi Grape Ice
Nanostix Neo Pods V2 1.7% 4 Pack Nanostix Neo Pods V2 1.7% 4 Pack
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Answers to the Common Questions

1. Is NanoStix a vape?

The NanoStix is a pod device that is easy to use and has a traditional design that eliminates the mess of refilling tanks. It has a simple feature, vapers need to insert the pod juice container into the device and can start vaping the next moment.

2. Which flavours of NanoStix Neo Pods do you have?

At Vapor Shop Direct we have a wide range of flavours like Freeze Lychee, Superb Bubblegum, Freeze Guava, Freeze Jackfruit, Fantasy Grape Ice, Fantasy Lemonade Ice, Superb Honeydew and Fantasy Mango Ice in Pod Device Nanosticks Neo Pods V2. 1.7% with 4 pack priced at £11.99.

3. What is a Type C cable?

The Type C cable is designed for Vape devices that have a Type C charging port. A USB C cable is a connector that is easier to use and more powerful than the older USB types. The device cable can charge and transfer data faster than any other USB type and thus all advanced devices feature a Type-C cable. NanoStix devices also have a Type-C cable.

4. How many puffs do NanoStix Neo Pods offer?

Nanostix Neo Pods delivers 4000 puffs and has a huge range of flavours with 2ml capacity and 33% larger capacity. It comes with 4 NanoStix pods which can cater to the demand for vapers. The device is available in Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, Green, Gold, Purple and Red colours.   

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