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IVG Bar Disposable Vapes

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IVG 2400 Disposable Vape DeviceIVG 2400 Disposable Vape Device 2 For £20
IVG 2400 Disposable Vape Device IVG 2400 Disposable Vape Device
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Available In 58 Flavours
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IVG Bar Disposable Device-RainbowIVG Bar Disposable Device-Passionfruit
IVG Bar Disposable Device IVG Bar Disposable Device
Sale price£3.99
Available In 16 Flavours
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FAQs - IVG Bar Disposable Vape

How Long Does an IVG Bar Disposable Vape Device Last?

Vapor Shop Direct is known for quality vape products and each of our vape products meets brand standards. The IVG Bar is one of our many disposable vape devices with a capacity of 600 puffs. Vapers can inhale from the device for 2 to 3 days, but even so, this is based on personal vaping experience.

Is An IVG Bar Strong?

Each IVG Bar device contains 20mg of nicotine with a nic salt, an easy way to saturate any vapor with nicotine, rather than the traditional freebase nicotine method. It contains 2ml e-liquid with flavour and nicotine which makes the vaper hit the throat easily.

How Do You Know When Your Vape Device Is Low?

An LED light appears on all disposable vape devices, including the IVG bar disposable vape device. If your device is about to turn off, a red light will blink. In most vape devices, a red light is an indication of termination and green or blue light is an active signal.

Does an IVG Bar Disposable Vape Device Run Out Of Battery?

Typically, the IVG bar disposable vape device lasts until the e-liquid runs out. All disposable vape devices have an in-built battery and cartridges are filled with e-liquid. The design of the disposable device is ergonomic and the vape juice is usually finished before the battery runs out.

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