Fantasi Bar Disposable Vapes

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FAQs - Fantasi Bar Disposable Vape

Why Choose The Fantasi Bar Disposable Vape?

The vape device has all the necessary features and is available for just £4.99. It can hold around 600 puffs as the device packs a 500mAh battery and 2ml e-liquid with delicious and fruity flavours to entice every newbie to step into the vaping journey and quit smoking. The device is so easy to use that a vaper can simply open it, insert the device into the mouthpiece, and begin to draw the vapor in to make it work. No hassle, no maintenance, no battery charge, no setting, and no expert knowledge required.

Which Flavours Do You Have?

Vapor Shop Direct is a top-rated company for disposable vape, e-liquids, coils, mods, pods and other vape accessories. There are a variety of Fantasi Bar Disposable flavours such as Berry, Blue Raspberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Cola, Grape, Mango, Strawberry, Fruit Punch, and Strawberry Banana, all available with delightful flavour combinations for better taste and an appeal to vapers.

Can Vaping Be Addictive?

Yes, vaping can be addictive because all our products contain a certain amount of nicotine which is known as an addictive substance. If you are used to smoking, vaping with a small dose of nicotine may be a good option. For all the ardent smokers, vaping helps smokers with precise smoking sensations and helps them to quit smoking.

What If The Device Runs Out?

In that case, you need to buy another vape device as disposable vapes are for one time use. There is no container to refill the e-liquid or reset the device to reuse it. If you don't want your vaping experience to be affected, keep a few more disposable vaping devices in a safe place.

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