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Basic Questions Related to Box Mods

  • What is a regulated box mod?
  • Among different types of vape mods, regulated mods come up with security that avoids any harm to the battery. Regulated box mod includes circuit sheets to control the current and to keep you away when there is a risk with the device.
  • What are the benefits of box mods?
  • Regulated box mods are designed with a consideration of the vapers’ security while vaping through the device. In case the battery crosses a certain level or the curl is problematic, the box mod will not startup. You need to charge the mod or supplant the loop in any such situation. It also has the advantage of keeping the power yield stable.  
  • Who should buy box mods?
  • Regulates box mods are suitable for vapers who require something more customisable than regular vape devices. Among two types of box mods, vapers choose the box mod that meets their basic requirements. We have a wide collection of box mods that are available in well-known brands such as Smok, Aspire, and more. 
  • Why buy regulated mods from Vapor Shop Direct?
  • Vapor Shop Direct is a hub of various types of vape products. We have all different types of brands and flavours that are available in a variety of styles, flavours, and colours. If you don’t know which one to choose, then connect with us for an appropriate answer.   

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