Top Five Disposable Vapes of 2023

With 2023 coming to an end, it's time to look back at the disposable vapes that made this year a breeze for ex-smokers and newcomers to the vaping. 

Now, there's plenty of disposable vape brands out there, like Elf Bar and SKE Crystal Bar. Yet, there are only a handful of vape devices that managed to satisfy all our customers alike, regardless of their personal preferences. That's exactly what we're looking at in this blog; the top five best-selling vapes of 2023. 


Elf Bar Lost Mary BM600

Elf Bar is still sat on the disposable vape throne in the market. There's no secret in admitting that a single disposable vapes can't be perfect in their quality, flavours, compatibility and consistency; in short, you can't please everybody. Yet, the Elf Bar Lost Mary BM600 defies that logic, making it a promising vape for all vapers.

There are a whole range of Elf Bar disposable vapes: the Elf Bar 600 disposable vape, the Elf Bar Cigalike, Elf Bar MC600 Shisha, Elf Bar NC600 Shisha, and the famous Elf Bar Lost Mary BM600. They're all great and have their own unique selling points. But for our top pick, we'll be exclusively focusing on the Elf Bar Lost Mary BM600.

Elf Bar Lost Mary BM600 is a rather oddly-shaped vape with a sleek exterior design and comparatively larger mouthpiece compared to other disposable vapes. At first glance, it looks more like a vape mod, thanks to its boxy (yet curvy) design. Thanks to its round edges it feels great in your hand. Oh, and it dsappears completely in a clenched fist, making it great for discreet vaping!

The Lost Mary BM600 has become a renowned vape mainly because of the mouth-watering fruity and candy flavours that include around 34 types. Some of them are; Blackcurrant Apple, Triple Berry Ice, Triple Mango and Cotton Candy Ice.

Its built-in battery offers 500MAh and can vape for around a good 600 puffs per vape. It's pre-filled with 2ml of 20mg (2%) nic salt without complicated settings and buttons. All you have to do is inhale through the mouthpiece to activate your device, which will then deliver an MTL (Mouth To Lung) vape. This means that when you inhale, you'll feel a subtle amount of vapour, similar to how a cigarette feels.


Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen              

For those who are willing to experience a unique dessert after a proper meal, there is Dinner Lady Disposable Vape Pen!

Most disposable vapes have that straight-stick look while Dinner Lady has taken proper consideration on trying to look like a cigarette. That's as traditional as disposable vapes get, considering that they get their name 'e-cigarettes' from the early devices that resembled cigarettes. The Dinner Lady vape has a thin steel cylinder that fits perfectly in your hands with separate shiny colours for each flavour.

But that's not all that makes the vape device unique; dessert flavours such as Lemon Tart and Strawberry Macaroon are exclusive (at least the quality) to Dinner Lady. For those who aren't looking for an after-meal sugar rush, there's the Bubblegum Ice, Mango Ice and Blue Menthol flavours.

Dinner Lady comes with a 400MAh battery, providing 400 puffs per vape approximately. Consists of 1.5 ml e-liquid loaded with 20mg of nicotine salt.


Elux Legend Mini Disposable Vape

This is the latest creation of Elux Bar disposable vapes with an endearing design which fits snugly in the palm of your hand! It boasts a remarkable simplicity that will captivate both novice vapers and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

Immerse yourself in a whirlwind of 29 delightful flavours as you explore the impressive array of options available. From juicy fruits to refreshing menthols, the Legend Mini delivers a tantalizing assortment of premium e-liquid blends, carefully crafted to tickle your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Blackcurrant Menthol, Jungle Juice, Watermelon Ice and Tiger Blood are stellar flavours among all 29 of them.

Worried about battery life? Fear not! The Elux Legend Mini has a powerful 500MAh built-in battery that you don’t have to worry about charging. Simply enjoy your vape sessions without any interruptions, and when you're done, just dispose of the device responsibly. It offers 600 puffs per vape pre-filled with 2mls of 20mg nic salt liquid promising a smooth hit on your throat every time you vape!

With its stylish design, unparalleled convenience, and impressive range of flavours, the Elux Legend Mini Disposable Vape is a game-changer in the world of disposable vapes.


Geek Bar S600 Disposable Vape Device

The Geek Bar is the ultimate pocket-friendly companion for every vape enthusiast. Step into a realm where innovation meets convenience, and indulge in a vaping experience that will leave you breathless.

Ease of use takes centre stage with the Geek Bar S600. Say goodbye to the complexities of refilling and recharging. Each device comes pre-filled with an array of delectable flavours, allowing you to dive straight into a world of extraordinary taste sensations.

There are not many for you to contemplate, it offers you with 10 most astonishing flavours including Kiwi Geekbull, Watermelon Geekbul, Strawberry Geekbull and a few other common fruity tastes. The speciality of Geekbull is that it offers you a strong energy drink flavour.

Durability meets longevity with the Geek Bar S600. With its powerful battery and ample e-liquid capacity (20mg e-liquid and 2ml nic salt). This disposable vape device is designed to keep up with your vaping demands. Whether you're on the go or relaxing at home, you can trust the Geek Bar S600 to provide you with hours of uninterrupted pleasure.

Unleash your inner geek and experience the ultimate disposable vape device today!


The SKE Crystal Bar 600

The SKE Crystal Bar 600 is a true gem in the world of disposable vape devices. Its sleek and elegant design is a testament to modern craftsmanship, exuding a sense of luxury that is sure to catch the eye of discerning vapers. With its crystal-clear body and shimmering accents, this device is not just a vape—it's a fashion statement.

The SKE Crystal Bar 600 offers a tantalizing array of options that cater to every palate. From the refreshing burst of fruit blends such as Apple Peach, Banana Ice and Strawberry Blast to the decadent embrace of candy flavours such as Cotton Candy Ice and Gummy Bear there are 41 flavours for you to choose from!

But it's not just about style and taste—the SKE Crystal Bar 600 delivers in performance too. Powered by a reliable battery and prefilled with 20mg Nic Salt with 2ml e-liquid capacity. This offers 600 Puffs which approximately outlasts 20 cigarettes.

Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just starting your journey, this device is sure to captivate your senses and leave you wanting nothing more.

Experience the crystal clear delight today. Embrace the elegance, savour the flavours, and immerse yourself in the world of SKE Crystal Bar 600 Disposable Devices.



The vaping industry continues to push boundaries, offering enthusiasts a range of choices that cater to their individual preferences. Whether you prioritize sleek design, convenience, or a sensory explosion of flavours, there is a disposable vape device on this list that will undoubtedly capture your imagination.

It's an exciting time for vapers, as innovation continues to flourish, providing us with an abundance of options to elevate our vaping experience. Embrace the future of vaping and let these remarkable devices transport you to new realms of pleasure.

As we move forward, we eagerly await the next wave of technological advancements and flavour innovations that will shape the landscape of disposable vapes in the years to come. Until then, immerse yourself in the world of the best disposable vapes of 2023 and savour the extraordinary moments they bring.

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