Top 5 Elf Bar Lost Mary Disposable Vape Flavours

If you are scouring the net for an ‘ideal" Elf Bar Lost Mary flavour, you have trotted one of the two paths: Either you are overwhelmed by the number of flavours available for purchase, or you have shuffled through every last one of them and are craving for a tinge of fresh adventure.

Regardless of which statement describes you best, you are here looking for your perfect match, and we at Vapor Shop Direct do what we do best; grant you your wish with a wave of our wand. We bring you the top 5 Elf Bar Lost Mary flavours based on customer reviews!

Elf Bar Lost Mary: Review and Top Lost Mary Flavours

Even if you are a newcomer to vaping, you are likely to have heard of the hassle-free experience that accompanies disposable vapes: no boring coil replacements or time-consuming refillings – simply toss away the empty vape and get a new one. 

Elf Bar has never discontented vapers with any of their innovative disposable vape products or the mind-blowing flavours that they come in. The launch of the Elf Bar Lost Mary certainly pushes that legacy a step forward. Most user-reviews for the device praise its three key design features: its elegant yet discreet appearance, its quick nicotine kick and its tasty, fruity, chill-inducing juices.  

Your Elf Bar Lost Mary vape consists of the perfect 50% VG and 50% PG ratio to ensure a legendary MTL experience. With 600 puffs, and a bang for your buck, Elf Bar Lost Mary disposable vapes come in a delightful plethora of flavours. We’ve cherry picked only the top 5 that give you the best refreshing on-the-go vaping experience:

Watermelon Ice Lost Mary

There is nothing like a piece of the summer sun and a refreshing slice of juicy red watermelon. This Elf Bar Lost Mary flavour mixes the strong relish of watermelon with a slight hint of ice, sending you on an unusual summer-themed vaping escapade.

The packed delight isn’t just any fruity taste – the juicy texture is accented with a candy-like tone, giving you a rush of sweetness while still remaining very much watermelon. Make no mistake; this is an extra sweet, extra thirst-quenching and extra ripe watermelon in vape-juice form. The touch of fruity ice at the bottom end amplifies the overwhelming summer sensation with each draw.

Watermelon Ice is perfect for you if what you are looking for is a worry-free trip of calmness straight from the vape pod. The nostalgia of enjoying a cool slice of watermelon on the beach during the warm seasons is never too far this Lost Mary flavour. Being relatively chill and soft on your throat, Watermelon Ice will drift you towards a world of relaxation purely through taste.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava Lost Mary

We spoke of watermelon and the sun in the first entry, and now we’ve landed on an exhilarating mocktail of kiwi, passionfruit and guava – and a kick of nicotine. Swinging back into the warm months of June and July, Kiwi Passionfruit Guava flavour is still a very summery choice.

The Elf Bar Lost Mary Kiwi Passionfruit Guava flavour packs exactly the tangy tropical punch you are looking for. A layer of flavourful kiwi complimented by sweet and tart passionfruit, gently soothed by the refreshing taste of ripe guava. It is no accident that you would feel the three in just the perfect order to give your tastebuds a spiritual experience.

This flavour will suit you well if you wish to enjoy a little bit of warmth regardless of the time of the year. The combination of kiwi, passionfruit and guava is nothing short of a classic. This is the only fruit drink you would ask for during a slow summer Sunday afternoon on a hammock, with sunglasses and music. Well, with the classic mix of these three fruits in vape juice form, you can send your thoughts on a summer holiday while still being physically present.

Double Apple Lost Mary

If you have ever tried an apple flavoured vape before, double the apple taste and subtract its dryness; you’ll arrive somewhere close to the Elf Bar Lost Mary Double Apple flavour. Double Apple is an excellent all-rounder, laced with an irresistible fruity scent.

It is rare to come across a vape flavour that is so faithful to its name. The strong aromatic taste of apple is truly a ‘times two’ experience. Double Apple gives you the cold inhale of sweet caramelized apple, while maintaining the fantastic fruit blend after-taste once you blow out a puffy cloud. This Lost Mary flavour delights your taste buds with the sweet and crispy notes that only an apple freshly picked from a tree could bring. 

If you are looking for a strong flavour that seems just right no matter what time of the day or year it is, the Elf Bar Lost Mary Double Apple flavour is your go-to. When speaking of fruits, we often resort to discussing the seasons. However, this isn’t the case with apples, and much less the case with Double Apple. 

Triple Mango Lost Mary

You may want to be careful with this one if you aren’t ready; ready to overload your senses with yummy ripe mangoes. Elf Bar Lost Mary Triple Mango is the market’s most spiced-up extraordinary presentation of an ordinary vape juice flavour.

We assure you that they aren’t messing around with the name; the juice inside the pod is truly thrice the mango flavour you could imagine. Triple Mango has the best of everything you would be looking for in a fruit-scented vape: a mild mouthwatering blast, a heavenly tropical fruit taste, and a sweet after-taste leaving you craving the next draw.

If you desire a rich tropical blend of ripe, sweet and tender mangoes, Elf Bar Lost Mary Triple Mango should be your uncontested first pick. If wonderland exists, the succulent sweet mango flavour packed within this vape juice will blow you there the instant you inhale. Besides, what could possibly go wrong with the king of fruits?

Blue Razz Ice Lost Mary

Blue Razz Ice is one of a kind – no other Lost Mary flavours on this list are quite like it. While being standalone and unique, Blue Razz Ice seems to have a mysterious combination of several good things in a number of other flavours. The Elf Bar Lost Mary Blue Razz Ice flavour is a popular choice amongst beginners and experienced vapers alike, and with good reason.

The blast of a mystical blue raspberry flavour paired with the most invigorating exhale of menthol will leave you both stunned and revitalized. Laced with sweetness and a sharp menthol aftertaste, Blue Razz Ice will never fail to give your taste buds the “magic chills”.  In contrast to the astounding complexity of taste this flavour offers, it isn’t harsh on the throat at all.

If other fruit flavours don’t quite hit the spot for you, Blue Razz Ice indubitably will. This Lost Mary flavour will leave your mouth cool and fresh, with a lasting hint of sweetness. With its strong blast and powerful aftertaste, it may not be for everyone; but it most certainly could be for you.

A Environmentally Friendly Way To Enjoy Elf Bar Lost Mary Flavours

It's 2023, and disposable vapes are on the verge of getting banned in the UK. But Lost Mary is not about to let their fanbase down over some new regulatory laws. That's why they've introduced Lost Mary Maryliq e-liquids - Elf Bar Lost Mary flavours bottled up. You can enjoy Lost Mary Maryliq nic salts in a refillable vape kit of your choosing.

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