Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

  • James Burd

There are many reasons to start vaping, maybe you're interested in the flavours or you tried it because other people did, but the main reason people vape is as a replacement for smoking. This article will today discuss the reasons why vaping is better than smoking.

Reason 1 - Your Health

It is well known that smoking is very bad for your health. Cigarettes contain tobacco, which contains ingredients that can cause cancer. Cigarettes also contain tar, which can clog up your lungs and cause breathing problems. It can also clog arteries, leading to heart diseases, among other things. 

E-Cigarettes do not contain these ingredients. With vaping, tobacco and tar are replaced with simple e-liquid. E-liquid usually contains nicotine, which is mostly harmless besides its addictivity. This is the chemical that people usually look for in a cigarette, and now vaping is a healthier alternative. You can get tobacco e-liquids, but they are free of the dangerous chemicals of tobacco.

Reason 2 - Other People's Health

Cigarettes also produce smoke when used (that's why it's called smoking). This smoke is then inhaled by other people in the room. They then can get some of the same problems smokers get, i.e. breathing problems, increased chance of cancer. 

When you vape, the e-liquid is heated and then released as vapour. This vapour is simple and nontoxic, meaning your family or friends will be healthier.

Reason 3 - Money

Most smokers use 20 cigarettes a day, which costs about £10.40 per day, adding up to over £3786 a year. If you smoke, you will also need to wash more, which also will cost more. You may lose a lighter and have to buy another one. You may accidentally burn something and have to replace it. All these things add up to a lot of wasted money.

Vape kits, although expensive first time, costs less in the long run. Here at Vapor Shop Direct, we sell starter kits from as little as £20. Unlike normal cigarettes, e-cigarettes are refillable, so aren't thrown away as soon as it is finished. E-Cigarettes usually have a long-life span too.

E-Liquids come in different sizes, at different prices. A 10ml bottle would usually cost you about £5 a week. Combining these two, plus charging and other stuff, would cost you around £300 a year, much less than the £3786 you would spend on smoking.

Reason 4 - Attractiveness

Smoking can also make your teeth go yellow, because of the tobacco. The smell of smoke can go on your clothes, hair and in your breath, making you smell less attractive. Your skin can go grey, which can ultimately make people not want to be with you.

Vaping produces vapour rather than smoke, meaning your teeth will not rot and your hair, clothes and breath won't smell. Your skin is not affected and, ultimately, you appear more attractive than a smoker.

Reason 5 - The Law

In 2007, a smoking ban was passed in the UK, stopping people from being able to smoke in public places, i.e. pubs, shops, schools, as well as on public transport. This meant if you wanted to smoke, you would have to do it outside, or in the designated smoking shelters. Obviously, if it is cold or raining, you do not want to be outside.

Vaping is allowed in most businesses in the UK, due to it releasing vapor rather than second hand smoke. This means you can vape indoors, in buildings, without having to go outside, or in a small smoking shelter.


Now you should know why vaping is better for you than smoking, which should help you decide if you should make the transition.



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