Vape Kits - Detailed Information You Need to Know

If you are new to vaping, you must have a lot of questions running through your mind. It can certainly be cumbersome to rely on any random disposable vapes or vape kit before knowing anything about them.

We have already shared about disposable vapes which you can read through our blog list. This guide is about vape kits for beginners.

Vape Starter Kit

There are different types of e-cigarettes to buy, but if you're going from smoking to vaping, choosing the best vape starter kit for you is essential.

Drip tip

This is the part from which you inhale the vapor. It looks like a chimney to let the vapor through the coil to the lungs.


The coil is made of wire and cotton which acts to absorb the e-liquid from inside the coil tank. When you press the button and start breathing it will heat it up and turn it into vapor. Vape coils are available in variable resistance depending on the type of vape you have. Most new vapers prefer a standard vape with a 1-ohm coil and intense vapers choose a sub-ohm vape that has a coil of less than 1 ohm.  


It is the plastic or glass cover that covers the coil. It is located between the drip tip and the battery which contains e-liquid so it is possible to feed into the coil. 


The battery is the focal point that makes vaping possible. Through the battery, it is possible to heat the coil and activate it.

Now is the time to take a quick look at vape kits and identify the various vape devices through a reality check.

  • Disposable vapes

Disposables are packed with features, are light in weight, and discreet that mimic the style of smoking and can generate large clouds. These are readymade and one-time use types of e-cigarettes. These contain a pre-set amount of vape juice because they are not refillable and have limited battery life. If you are unaware of how to start vaping, disposable vapes can be a good start. They don't require any instructions or guidelines before you get started with them.

  • Vape kit

Vape starter kit is another type of vape tool which is smaller in size and can easily fit in your pocket. They're loaded with replaceable pods that can be refilled, making them more budget-friendly than any other type of vape device.

  • Vape pen

Vape pens are perfectly suited for novice and avid vapers. Battery life improves with charging using the USB port. Battery life ranges from a few hours to a day depending on usage. This type of vape pen is easy to use and refills the tank with more juice. They can only be used using a lit button on one side.

  • Box mod kit

Box Mod Kits are for experienced vapers as they can easily adjust wattage, ventilation, and temperature to experience intense vapor. The battery capacity is higher in a box mode and they are bigger in size. They are refillable like vape pens and are powered by an external battery.


Decision making time,

Buying the most suitable e-cigarette is not easy but there are three main things to consider before buying. Be sure to check the PG: VG ratio, nicotine strength and your vaping capacity when buying from an online or offline vape store in the UK.