Geek bar Vs Elf bar

The moment you think about getting into the vaping industry, these two names – Geek Bar and Elf Bar – are suggested by most everyone (shoppers, enthusiastic vapers, bloggers and other sources). The equivalent fanbase of both of these vape devices can make it hard for anyone starting out just to decide on just one.

You seem like the one who gets confused between these options. Don't worry, you are not alone as there are a lot of beginners who want solid information to solve this.

Comparing Geek Bar and Elf Bar 

There may be similar votes for both these disposable vape devices as both have similar e-liquid capacity, attractive outlook, excellent taste and puffing capabilities. This makes the decision even more complicated. 

So, we drilled a little deeper and brought out various aspects to consider while making a decision.

Elf Bar

The Elf Bar has a small, slim and ergonomic design that is comfortable in your hand and pocket. The comfortable mouthpiece is designed to make the vaping experience even more convenient. Each of these Elf Bars comes with a 550mAh built-in battery that comes pre-charged and can last up to 600 puffs. This device does not need to be recharged as they are already charged with a powerful battery and are in a "ready to vape" state.

They have a 2ml e-liquid capacity that contains 20mg of nicotine to give your throat a smooth hit every time. Elf Bar has a wide array of delectable flavours to match individual taste buds. Even if you want the tobacco flavour in every vape, there are traditional tobacco flavour substitutes available that you can mix with fruity flavours. The combination of tobacco and fruits can surely fulfil your wishes. If you want to taste different flavours, Elf Bar has everything you can find.

Geek Bar

While someone compares an Elf Bar to a Geek Bar or Elf Bar Shisha to Geek Bar Shisha, they would know that the Geek Bar feels larger than the elf bar and has a larger mouthpiece. However, devices have associated colours that make them similar to vapor. The device packs a 500mAh built-in battery that offers up to 575 puffs and is perfect for taking it anywhere.

Devices like this are closed systems, so there's no need to refill, recharge, or set anything up before or during use. This tool is perfect to satisfy your craving instantly.

Just like the Elf Bar, the Geek Bar contains 2ml e-liquid with 20mg nic salts that soothe the spirit through every vape. The design of the device is ergonomic and draw-activated, so it doesn't require charging, settings or refilling. Each Geek Bar device has an LED light that starts flashing when the device is finished.

There are so many flavours that one would love to try and can't resist.

Plus, they have a collaboration with Vampire Vape, so you can enjoy different flavours of Vampire Vape e-liquid like Pinkman and Heisenberg in your Geek Bar disposable vape device.

Now It's Time to Decide

As we have compared these two products, there are a lot of similarities and differences in their performance, design and taste.

If you prefer a mix of tobacco and fruit or menthol, choose the Geek Bar Disposable Vape Device. If you like to indulge in the sweet taste of cotton candy or cola, then loading your bag with Elf Bar is a worthy way to go.

Since these two brands offer pretty similar benefits, choosing either of these vape devices is worth the expense.

Users who prefer to have a pen-style vape device will opt for the Elf Bar device. And, those who prefer a slightly thicker vape device may prefer to have a Geek Bar.

In the end, it all depends on individual decision factors which one you find suitable for regular use.

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