Controlling the Wattage of Your Mod

Now we've spoken about temperature control, let's look at wattage control. 

There is a wide variety of variable voltage and variable wattage mods available on the market, so if you're looking to buy one, check out this guide on what variable wattage mods are and how they work.

What is a Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage Mod?

A VV/VW mod is a battery powered vape device using circuitry to regulate the output power. It allows you to adjust the output power in 2 ways; by adjusting the voltage or by adjusting the wattage.

These devices also use protection circuitry to provide a variety of safety features to protect the user and prevent damage to the device. These safety features make VV/VW mods fantastic devices for both new and advanced vapers.

How Does a Variable Wattage Mod Work? 

The devices are controlled by a microprocessor that allows you to control the variable settings, the safety features and other minor features like the battery life display. The only significant differences are the microprocessor, the use of internal or replaceable batteries and if the batteries are in a parallel or series circuit.

The battery placement determines if the microprocessor needs to boost the voltage to achieve the desired setting (in a parallel circuit) or reduce the power to achieve the desired setting (in a series circuit).

What is the Difference Between a Variable Voltage Mod and a Variable Wattage Mod?

One of the main differences is that variable wattage mods can automatically measure the resistance level of the device to deliver the desired output, while variable voltage mods require you to know the resistance level in order to get the desired output.

With a variable voltage mod, you will need to use a vaping power chart to cross-reference the resistance level with the appropriate voltage to get the desired result..

Pros of Variable Wattage Mods


Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage mods are some of the most high-tech mods in the business and come with an array of different features, and with the constant evolution of vapes there are more features that could not be mentioned here.

The display of the mods show many different indicators, including the battery life, the atomiser resistance and the voltage/wattage settings.

Some mods also come with a puff counter to show how much has been vaped, and also a locking system so the vape isn't accidentally fired. The mods usually come with a USB slot to charge the mod with.

Some mods allow you to control the temperature at which the e-liquid burns at, allowing you to avoid getting burnt or dry hits. More information about these temperature control mods can be found here.


The mods allow you to customise the output. This allows the vape to be easily modified, with a variety of atomisers with different wire sizes, resistances and coil types. Allowing the user to adjust the output power also allows them to control the heat generated from the coils which can change the flavour of some e-liquids and help adjust if the user wants to take short or long puffs to get the same amount of vapour. 


Variable wattage mods can be used by both new and advanced users. Adjusting the wattage is simple and only requires a few button clicks to use. The display features are easy to work out, and makes an overall simple vape experience.


Variable Wattage Mods are the safest mod currently available on the market. The thermal protection disables the device if it gets too hot. The overcharge/discharge protection prevents the device from firing if the batteries are overcharged or over-discharged.

The minimum/maximum resistance protection stops the device from firing if the atomiser has a coil resistance which is too high or too low for the device to fire safety. The short circuit protection stops the device from firing if a short circuit occurs. The reverse polarity protection protects the device and user from batteries that have been incorrectly installed.

All these features combined stops the user from being in any danger when vaping.

Cons of Variable Wattage Mods


These mods contain a lot of circuitry and wiring to make perform well, so they need more space to fit them in. This means the mods are usually bigger and less portable. The smaller variable wattage mods usually have a shorter battery life, a lower maximum output and a smaller resistance range.


The VV/VW mods use wiring, circuitry, microprocessors, LED displays and other electrical components. These can get damaged if they are dropped and can also wear out or fail after extended use, meaning the lifespan is considerably shorter in comparison to mechanical mods, which have no circuitry to get damaged or to wear out.


Now you should know what Variable Wattage mods are and how they work. Check out our range of VV/VW mods, and happy vaping!