Controlling the Temperature of Your Vape

Vaping has come a long way in the last few years, with magnificent advances in vape technology. One popular type of vape is temperature control mods, giving the users the ability to decide what temperature their e-liquid burns at. Today I will speak through what temperature control mods are and how they work.

What is a Temperature Control Mod?

Temperature Control is the vape industry's solution to dry and burnt hits. It keeps a consistent vape when taking longer drags since the temperature remains the same rather than getting hotter. The user chooses the temperature limit and the power sent to the coil automatically adjusts to keep the coil at the chosen temperature.

Before Temperature Control Mods became a thing, wattage was the only thing you could control, but now temperature control is a feature found on most vape mods. 

How Does Temperature Control Work?

Temperature Control works as the metal of certain mods increase the resistance as they heat up. However, if you vape with Kanthal, which is the most popular wire type, the resistance doesn't change, it remains static no matter the temperature.

For temperature control vaping, a wire with a known resistance increase is used as the temperature rises. The mod checks the resistance at room temperature then continues to monitor it as you vape. This resistance change is then converted into a temperature increase and the mod adjusts the power to maintain this temperature. 

What Do You Need For Temperature Control Vaping?

First, you need a mod that allows you to control the temperature. You can buy a temperature control mod here. There are a number of differences between the devices, with some coming with special and advanced features. Some mods do a better job at controlling the temperature than others do.

Next, you need the right wire type. Temperature control vaping generally uses these four types of wires.

  • Nickel 200 - More commonly known as Ni200, these were the first coils used, but they are less common now due to some vapers having sensitivities to nickel coils.
  • Titanium Grade 1 - Also known as Ti, this works well in Temperature Control but the user has to make sure it does not get overheated.
  • Stainless Steel - Very popular and readily available, coming in various grades. Stainless Steel is used in wattage and temperature mode.
  • Nickel Ferrous - Also known as NiFe, this comes in a variety of grades and can be used for both wattage and temperature, but it is not readily available.

Each of these wires have their own temperature coefficient of resistance. . This describes the relative change of a physical property that is associated with a given change in temperature. Your mod needs to know the exact TCR of the wire to send the correct power to the coil to limit the temperature. Luckily, most mods have presets for the TCR values of Ni200, Ti and SS coils. 

A very useful feature for some temperature control mods is the customisable TCR, allowing any TC-compatible wire to be used accurately. Check the specifications of your mod to see if it has customisable TCR. If it does, you can input the TCR value of the metal type and grade.

How to Vape in TC Mode

Put your mod in temperature control mode and pick the matching wire type for your coils. If your mod has a TCR, you can enter the exact value. After, make sure both the mod and the tank are at room temperature so the measurements are more accurate. The simplest way to accomplish this is by not using the kit for 15 minutes before starting.

Install the coil as normal but make sure it is tightly screwed down as far as it can go. For rebuildable, ensure the leads are firmly trapped, then put the tank on the mod and again make sure it's tightened as far as it can (but don't over tighten it). Check the resistance reads accurately and lock the resistance. This is usually done by pressing the +/- buttons.

If a rebuildable is used, stainless steel is the only wire that can be dry-burned, but make sure it is at a lower wattage than the other wires would typically be at, however, it is recommended to skip the dry-burning process. If you slightly separate the coils, you will mostly not get hot spots.

Some mods allow you to change the wattage as well as the temperature, but some automatically set the wattage. If you're adjusting wattage and using stock coils, set the wattage and temperature to the lowest recommendation on the coils, then you can start to work your way up.

Best Vaping Temperatures

A common vape temperature is in the range of 200 to 250°C with the temperature adjusted quickly in increments of 5°C.

First, set your ideal temperature. Hopefully, you'll be able to take long hits without overheating the coil or wick. It would be like normal vaping, but when you start running out of juice the vapour will decrease. Adjust the temperature is necessary. Like most things, there is no one temperature for everyone and it is a personal choice. If you notice any dryness, adjust the temperature down. 

Pros of Temperature Control Vaping

  • Stops burnt/dry hits - While there are many ways to stop dry hits, temperature control is probably the best, since it does it automatically. If the wick runs dry, the temperature will rise and the temperature protection will cut power to compensate. As a result, you just get less vapour rather than a dry hit.
  • Coil life - If you stop dry hits, the coil will not overheat and the cotton will not be singed (the singeing is what gives it the bad taste). TC coils last longer than regular coils, and wicks last longer since they don't exceed the designated temperature.
  • Consistancy - Having control of the temperature your coils rise to means the vape will be consistant for each puff. This is because in regular wattage mode, the hits are inconsistant since the heat of the coil changes depending on the length of the hit.
  • Battery Life - Since temperature control vapes only use the power they need to keep the right temperature, TC vapes are estimated to use 1.5 times less power than normal variable wattage vape.

Cons of Temperature Control Vaping

  • More Complicated - Unlike some vapes, temperature control vapes require you to do some trial and error to get the perfect temperature.
  • Mod Limitations - Not all mods are temperature control mods. Many cheaper mods come with various limitations and shortcomings, meaning you have to search around to find the perfect mod.
  • Material Limitations - Not many tanks come with TC compatible coils, so you will have to build your tank. If you're not interested in building, your options for tanks are limited.

Temperature Control vapes are an excellent experience, bringing consistency to your vape.

What are the best variable wattage vape kits?

  • Geek Vape Aegis X - The Aegis X vape kit from Geek Vape uses 2 x 18650 batteries, up to 200W output and more great features. A recommended device for new or advanced.
  • Gen 220W Kit from Vaporesso - The Gen vape kit  uses a massive maximum wattage of 220W to keep your device powered like a rocket with 2 x 18650 batterie. 
  • Smok Mag Grip - Powered by a single 18650,20700 or 21700 battery with up to 220W with a trigger like design.
  • Transformer Switcher - Vaporesso has introduced this stylish and powered kit, definitely worth trying.