Be Ready For Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Black Friday Vape Deals UK!

With the nights getting longer and decorations being put up, we are reminded that Christmas is coming, but before Christmas, we must be ready for the biggest shopping event of the year. Black Friday. As Black Friday is almost upon us, you must be wondering what Black Friday deals Vapor Shop Direct is planning. 

Our sales will be sitewide! From e-liquids to hardware to accessories and more, discounts will be everywhere. These sales will last all through the weekend up to Cyber Monday, with new vape deals appearing throughout the weekend. We'll be selling cheap box mods, cheap vape kits, cheap e-liquids and more.

Now, no matter how much you vape, you're gonna need to change your coils at some point in the near future, so why not stock up on coils this Black Friday at cheap cheap prices! Vapor Shop Direct stocks a huge supply of amazing coils, perfect for flavour enhancement and vapour production, perfect for all your vaping needs. Find some coils here.

It's also true that one day, you're going to need a new bottle of e-liquid, so why not stock up on a load of delicious e-liquids this Black Friday. We stock thousands of e-liquids from hundreds of top class brands. There is definitely a flavour for you, whether it be a fruity flavour, a dessert flavour, a sweet flavour or a fizzy flavour. These e-liquids come in different sizes from 10ml to 120ml. We have tpd compliant e-liquid for you to get your nicotine, as well as short fills where you can add nic shots  to get more. Get some e-liquids this Black Friday here.

You will see price drops on our wide selection of kits. These kits come in wonderful designs, making you look like a really stylish vaper. Our kits range from starter kits to advanced kits, meaning there's a kit for everyone here, some of which have excellent components. Why not pick a cheap vape starter kit up on Black Friday for a Christmas gift or as a treat for yourself? Check them out here.


Keep your eyes peeled next week to see what UK vape deals are coming. For exclusive information, sign up to our newsletter on the homepage, and enable notifications. Good Luck Shopping, and Happy Vaping!