A Guide to Mech Mods

There are hundreds of different vape devices out there for vapers old and new, and they come in all different types. For more advanced vapers, mechanical mods exist, and today I will guide you through what they are and how to use them.

What Are Mech Mods?

Mechanical mods, also known as mech mods or unregulated mods, are designed for vapers who want to fully control their vaping experience. While they are popular as a sophisticated piece of hardware, mech mods are in reality the most basic vape technology out there.

The main thing to understand is mech mods are not for newbies. Mech mods allow you to adjust the amount of power flowing through your device, giving users greater clouds and more powerful flavor, however they do not have any integrated safety features, which means the safety is completely down to the customer.

Parts of a Mech Mod

Mechanical mods are made up of 3 things:

  • The Casing -Contains the battery and is often constructed of low resistance materials. Some of the most common mech mod cases are made of stable wood or metal, but as long as it securely houses the battery, you can do anything.
  • The Battery - The electric current applied to the atomizer is dependent on the voltage accessible to the battery at the time.
  • The Atomizer –Also known as the coil, this is the part of the mod that converts your e-liquid into vapour, so you can inhale it. When you press the button on your mod, the atomizer heats up, converting your liquid into vapour.

How Do Mechanical Mods Work?

The functionality of mech mods is extremely minimal. The casing of the mod houses a battery, which is positioned to interface with the mod's top (positive) and bottom (negative) caps. When the button is pushed and the mod fires, the bottom cap interacts with the battery and lets the current flow into the coil. There are no circuit boards or advanced technical features to the mechanical mod, just a basic battery powered circuit.

In a mechanical mod, the resistance level is dependant on the coil used. The lower the coil's resistance, the more power allowed to flow out of the battery, producing larger clouds and improved flavour. This can, however, cause security issues for the user.

Why Should I Use a Mech Mod?

Being able to create your own personalized vaping experience from scratch is probable the main benefit of mech mods. The simple structure of the device allows individuals to accommodate for their own individual needs, be it through a more efficient battery, a unique coil or an astounding case design. The possibilities are limitless.

Although constructing your own coils can be time consuming, it works out in the long run as a far more cost-effective solution than purchasing pre-built coils from a vape shop. Also, since the power flowing through your system is not really restricted, they offer a much better flavor and bigger clouds.

RDAs are popular with fans of mech mods. These devices come in various styles, allowing the user to directly drip e-liquid on to their own custom-built coil. Compared to regular tanks, this allows for a better flavour and an improved air flow.

Are Mechanical Mods Safe?

If used correctly, mech mods are usually safe, however, the battery is the main cause of many of the faults that can happen. Mechanical mods have no circuit boards, so if there is a fault, there is nothing to prevent the device from completely defecting. The batteries can be faulty in a number of ways, causing them to overdischarge, misfire, overheat and potentially explode.

While you can have your mech mod to be as safe as a normal, regulated mod, since there are no safety features, extra precautions need to be taken.

Use the Right Batteries

While there are many types of batteries available for mech mods, ICR (LiCo02) and IMR(LiMn) are the most popular types used. These batteries will power any device requiring a power source of 3.7 volts. There are some variations in each though; especially in the way each battery is formed chemically.

ICRs are usually more susceptible to combustion, and are more likely to stress faster than IMRs. "Protected" ICR batteries are much better than unprotected alternatives, since they have a simple level of security to avoid shorting or overdischarging of the battery Since IMRs are more robust and less susceptible to safety issues, they are usually seen as a better option for mech mods.

Keep Batteries Charged, But Not Overcharged

There is a danger in using overcharged batteries and discharged batteries which have passed their threshold. You usually want your batteries to charge up to 4.2 volts, then use them until the voltage decreases to about 3.3 volts. Invest in a quality multimeter to ensure your batteries are always within a safe range.

Prevent Misfires

Accidental misfires can also cause stress on the battery. If the mod unknowingly misfires for a long time, it can be very dangerous. Regulated mods usually have a fixed period (e.g: 10 seconds) after which the device will stop firing. Some mech mods include lockable firing mechanisms which allow you to lock the device so it can't fire at all, but it's not included in all models. Ensure the system is in a secure place at all times, or remove the atomizer when not being used, so it won't fire until you need it to.

Check Frequently For Misfires

Regulated mods are constructed to prevent firing when the atomizer encounters a short circuit. Generally, a regulated mod will not allow the device to fire at anything lower than 1.5 ohms. Mechanical mods don't have these safety measures and will try to fire even at 0 ohms, so it's crucial to know that while vaping, you won't experience any shorts.

When buying an atomizer, always ensure you check the resistance and make sure it is compliant to your device. If you are using RDAs, make sure you build them to a normal resistance of 2.4-3.0 ohms to avoid problems. Experienced vapers occasionally vape a mech mod at a lower resistance, but for safety reasons, stay within the range above unless you know what you're doing.

Ensure Decent Airflow

Always ensure your mech mod has sufficient vent holes to provide good air flow. Pressure can develop in the device without the vent holes and the mod may become highly dangerous. The pressure can be released with a decent airflow before it hits a harmful or combustible level.


Mechanical mods aren't for everyone and new vapers should not try using them. If you are not ready for mech mods yet, check out our other kits instead, and happy vaping!