While there are many advantages to vaping as opposed to smoking, one downside is vaping is a bit more difficult, and there are issues that you can commonly come across when trying to vape. 

One of the most common problems you may get is your kit coming up with "No Atomiser" when you're trying to vape it, but don't worry, it's quite an easy issue to solve. So today, I will guide you through how to fix the No Atomiser issue.


What does "No Atomiser" mean?

When you receive the "No atomizer" or "Check atomizer" message, it simply means that your mod does not think your tank is attached to the connection point, or more specifically, your coil or atomizer head. When you attempt to fire a mod without anything attached, you will see the same message. However, if it appears to be attached to your tank or atomizer, it really just means that something is stopping it from connecting.

Sometimes it might seem like a strange error, particularly if you've been vaping without any problems just before it shows up. But even if you don't physically move or change anything on your setup, connection problems can develop over time; it is less likely to happen this way, but it still happens fairly regularly. The refilling process for your tank, for instance, might move the atomizer head slightly, and this can lead to a disconnection over time.


Check Your Mod With Another Tank (or Vice Versa)

Although it is probably a problem related to your tank or atomizer, before you go ahead with a fix, it is a good idea to clarify the cause of the issue. Finding another mod or another tank and switching your setup is the easiest way to do this. 

If the mod doesn't work with another tank, or the tank works perfectly with another mod, you know the issue is with the mod, however, if the tank doesn't work with another mod, or the mod works fine with another tank, then the issue is with the tank.


For Tank Issues

Most of the time when the error comes up, the problem lies with the tank. So here's what you do if there's an issue with the tank.

Check Your Connection

The most likely cause of the issue is actually that something is just not properly connected. The first thing to do is to check that you have securely screwed your tank down on your mod's connection point. Just unscrew the tank, reconnect it, and then give it another try. On most modern devices, a message will pop up asking if it is the same coil as you used previously or a new coil when you screw it on. If this doesn't happen, just try to fire again and see if the same error occurs.

If this doesn't work, there could still be a physical connection issue, butwith  your atomizer head (or "coil") and the tank. Unscrew the base of the tank to access the coil.  In some situations, you will have to drain the juice out of the tank before doing this, but this depends on your particular tank. Next, find the point where your coil attaches to the tank's base.

Remove the coil and then screw it back in place, taking care to ensure that it attaches cleanly and that you do not end up with crossed threading (first, if you want, you should clean the coil and the connections, since you're already removing it, you might as well). The best way to make sure it's all properly lined up is to position the head of the atomizer in place, but turn it left as though you're unscrewing, until you hear a distinctive click as the thread starts to drop. You know it's in position when you've heard this and you can switch it to the right to screw the coil in place. Reassemble the tank to see if your device fires now.

Clean Your Coil and Your Connections

It's worth giving your atomizer head a quick clean if you're still having issues, or if you just want to cover all your bases. This does not have to be anything substantial (i.e. there is no need for a full wash), just get a cotton bud/swab/Q-tip and clean it around the base of the coils and the threading, where it makes the tank connection. Cleaning the tank, where the atomizer head is attached, is also a good idea.

You can clean around the 510 connection at the base of the tank too (the part you connect to the mod) and the connection point on your mod. The connection could be broken by any debris trapped here, which leads to the "No atomizer" message. Likewise, if any e-juice has leaked out, this could also interfere with the connection. Give it a thorough cleaning and it should rectify the problem.

Try a New Coil

If the problem has not been fixed by cleaning and reconnecting, it's likely that the atomizer head needs replacing. Unfortunately, the only solution to this is trying a new atomizer head and making sure it's correctly connected. If this still doesn't work, either your tank has a bigger problem or (more likely) your mod has a problem.

Check the Connection Point on the Tank

While these problems are less prevalent today, due to most mods having spring-loaded contact points, the connection point on your tank might be too far recessed to allow a decent connection with your mod.   Look at the 510 connection and a contact point (usually gold-plated) can be seen protruding from the middle of the thread underneath. The contact point, in other words, should be slightly lower than the threading base.

This would be a flat, smooth surface on most modern devices and, unfortunately, if it's pushed too far in, there isn't anything you can do. H owever, on older tanks, there is usually a point on the contact point for a flat-head screwdriver. Unscrew this quite slightly if there is, just enough so that it protrudes below the thread, and try to attach again. However, be careful with this since too much unscrewing will cause other issues as it is often used to keep together the bits of your tank.


For Mod Issues

In the unlikely event that it’s actually your mod causing the problem rather than your tank, there are a few things you can do to rectify the issue. Generally speaking, though, if it’s a problem with your mod the fixes are more risky to perform and it might just not be possible to solve.

Check the Connection Point

A build-up of dirt or debris around the connection point is the only easily fixable issue with your mod that might cause a connection problem. You just need to get a cotton bud/Q-tip and clean around the threading and 510 connection, like the suggestion above for cleaning your tank or coil.

If there is a major juice leak, you can use a bit of kitchen roll (this is a good idea anyway because you don't want it to get into the device's internal circuitry), but generally speaking, you're only searching for something that might block the connection between the contact point at the bottom of your tank and the matching point on your mod.

Is the Contact Point High Enough?

Just like older tank designs tended to have adjustable contact points on the bottom to ensure that a connection could be made, changing the height of the contact point on your mod is theoretically possible (although not exactly advisable). It is important to remember that most modern devices have contact points that are spring-loaded, so you generally don't have to do this unless you have an old device.

It's worth contacting the supplier about the problem if your product is new or still in guarantee, just in case they can replace the device for you before you do something that might void the warranty.

If you've ruled everything else out, however, and your tank works on a different mod, it may be worth trying to slightly boost the contact point. To do this, you will need a small (precision) flathead screwdriver. There should be a small gap along the sides of the (usually gold-plated) contact point that you can get the tip of the screwdriver into. Place the screwdriver there and slightly wiggle the contact point very gently, before doing the same thing on the other side. When you do this, it is best to be careful, move it a tiny bit and then re-check, then move it a tiny bit more and re-check again.

You could ruin the whole mod if you go too far, so just do this if you're out of ideas and don't mind taking a chance with your device.


Get a New Mod

Sadly, certain things simply aren't fixable. For some reason, regardless of the situation, the mod may be malfunctioning or just unable to make a connection. In these instances, you might just need a completely new mod. It's not the type of news you want to receive, but it's a sign of a more serious problem if you've ruled everything else out and can't fix the issue.

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