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Frequently Asked Questions - Fruit Drops 

1. What are Fruit Drop E-liquids?

Fruit Drop is a brand new e-liquid that combines the best of ingredients to come with Drop to Fruity Vape Blends which are available in 100ml shortfill with mindblowing e-liquid flavour and space for nic shots.

2. What features do Fruit Drop nic salt contain?

All Fruit Drop products are rich in flavour and immaculate in taste. They are in a 50/50 vg pg concentration ratio with 10 ml nic salt and 10 mg or 20 mg nicotine strength. There are amazing flavour combinations like raspberry, ice, blueberry, citrus, lychee, mixed berry, cherry, and more.

3. What flavours are there in FruitDrop Grapefruit + Blood Orange nic salt?

It has a blend of bitter fruits which will give a wonderful vape experience. The blend of Grapefruit and Blood Orange can definitely charm Vaper. Its taste is slightly sour and sweet with a fruity flavour.

4. What are nic salts?

Nic salts are produced for those who consume nicotine. They are the perfect cigarette replacement for those who want to keep longer intervals between vaping. Good salt contains high doses of nicotine which can reduce appetite in the long run.  

5. Are nic salts harmful?

Vaping nicotine products are in high demand whether the product contains freebase nicotine or nick salts. The presence of nicotine in any vape device is considered safer than smoking a traditional cigarette. There is no smoke or combustion during vaping and thus no exposure to the toxins and carcinogens available in excess during cigarette smoking.

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