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FAQs - Vaptio Beco Bar Disposable Vape

What is a Beco bar disposable vape?

The Beco bar is one of the leading disposable vape brands. It is also known as puff bars which are vape pens that are in a pre-loaded condition and fully charged. They require no set-up, maintenance, or any hassle to continue vaping. They are convenient especially for those who are new to vaping and travelers who don't want to spend their time in setting up vape devices. They are small in size and stylish in looks which make them suitable for ultramodern vapers.

Is Beco Bar Safe?

Beco bar is safe just like any genuine vaping products available in the UK. These disposable vape devices are TPD compliant which include MHRA approval. The device is filled with 2ml e-liquid with 20mg nic salts and has childproof mouthpiece which all make it suitable for everyday vaping.  

What Is A Disposable Pod Device?

Pod disposable devices are small, non-rechargeable devices that are pre-filled with e-liquid. The device is for one-time use which means that when the e-liquid runs out of the device, it cannot be reused. Vapers need to buy a new device to continue vaping and toss the present.

How Long Does It Take Vaptio Disposable To Last?

The Vaptio Beco disposable pod device is designed to last around 300 puffs and has an in-built and non-rechargeable 280mAh battery that can last for around a few days. If you are an intense vaper, this tool may take a day to deplete.

Are Vaptio Beco Bars Good?

If you're getting into the world of vaping, it's suggested to add the Vaptio Beco Bar disposable pod device. There are some delicious flavours that can reach the mark of your vaping expectations. The device is small and super stylish so you would love to have it in your pocket or your hand. Whether you want a mint flavour, a fruit flavour, or a combination thereof, you can have them at Beko Bar Pod Devices.

How To Use A Disposable Pod?

The disposable pod device makes breathing easier. All you have to do is puff on the vape pod as if you were smoking. The device has an airflow sensor, so it will generate vapor when you inhale automatically from the device. This is how a disposable pod device works. Be sure to keep your puffs long, steady and supple when using a disposable pod device.

What Are The Features Of The Vaptio Beco Bar Disposable Pod Device?

The Vaptio Beco Bar Disposable Pod Device features a 280mAh built-in battery, 1.6ohm coil resistance, e-liquid flavour and has a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. The device is loaded with flavours like Strawberry, Ice, Menthol, Peach and many more to satisfy the taste expectations of vapers. It is inhale activated, compact in size, and has a 300 puff capacity.

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