Elf Bar new flavours

The Elf Bar 600 isn’t just the flagship of Elf Bar, it is the face of disposable vapes. Its popularity is justifiable given the relative simplicity of the device paired with its sleek appearance. Feel like we’ve missed something right there? That’s right, it’s the flavours! The Elf Bar flavour collection has amassed a sizeable fan base by itself.

If you are an Elf Bar flavour lover, we’ve got news for you: Elf Bar just added 8 brand new flavours to their collection. So, hide that 20th Elf Bar watermelon ice you’ve purchased and prepare your tastebuds; vapor shop direct is about to reveal and review all 8 new Elf Bar flavours that just hit the shelves.


Strawberry raspberry cherry ice

It’s one of those flavours that you may experience some sort of déjà vu with, even though you haven’t really tried it before. Elf Bar Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice (quite the mouthful) brings memories of the thickest strawberry, with a hint of cherries and menthol. While being plentifully sweet, there is an undeniable wintery punch hidden under the fruity notes. Serves best as a summer vape.



We all know that the best thing about Elf Bar Watermelon Ice is the watery sweet watermelon taste, instead of the icy menthol flavour. Well, Elf Bar brings you a break from menthol with the release of Elf Bar Watermelon. This isn’t just any watermelon; imagine the reddest, ripest, juiciest watermelon that will send you on a summer vaping escapade. Elf Bar Watermelon Ice serves best as a summer vape, even though it will carry you through the winter with no trouble.


Blueberry cranberry cherry

A mixture of berries and cherries, all in a perfectly balanced smoothie. Elf Bar Blueberry Cranberry Cherry consists of freshly picked blueberries and cranberries, sweet and earthy, mixed with the sugary notes of red cherries. It’s amongst Elf Bar’s sweetest fruit blends that you will stumble across. Serves as an anytime refreshment.



We don’t blame you if you can’t pick up a rough idea of what this flavour is like by just reading its name. Elf Bar Elfsuka combines a mysterious mix of berries with an icy wave of menthol. If you are after a great aftertaste, you’ve hit the jackpot: the special treat of berries will last long and fresh until your next draw. Elf Bar Elfsuka serves perfectly well as an anytime refreshment.


Ginger cola

When recreating a popular beverage, vape brands either hit the bullseye or miss by a mile. Elf Bar Ginger Cola hits the bullseye, bringing you the taste of fizzy, sweet ginger cola in all its classic glory. Being a classic cool beverage, you get normal consistency, a lasting sweet aftertaste and a reinvigorating kick that will push you to take another puff. A perfect anytime refreshment.


Green gummy bear

One is never too old to enjoy gummy bears. Elf Bar Green Gummy Bear is a sweet, fruity candy condensed into vape juice. The taste of nostalgia and candy is strong in this one, followed by the mixed fruit flavour (sort of strawberry-ish), that only those who’ve tried green gummy bears before would know. Serves as an anytime refreshment.


Watermelon bubble gum

Previously available with the Elf Bar Lost Mary series, Elf Bar Watermelon Bubble Gum returns with its candy-like magnificence. This Elf Bar flavour will remind you of your childhood; a nostalgic touch where you would be sharing bubblegum with your mate on the playgrounds. Expect the sweet, bubblegum-like notes of watermelon without the elastic taste that accompanies actual bubble gum. Perfect as a transitioning vape, especially when switching between Elf Bar fruit flavours.


Watermelon pomegranate

The name leaves very little to the imagination, but you will still be surprised by how good this flavour is. Elf Bar Watermelon Pomegranate is the ultimate combo of summer and winter fruit, in a rather orthodox combination. If you enjoy anything Elf Bar with watermelon in it, this takes it to the next level with the addition of ripe, red pomegranates. Serves as an anytime refreshment!



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Like they always say, ‘the more the merrier'. Elf Bar has undoubtedly avoided coming short in the flavour department, building a loyal fanbase around their tasty e-liquids. There really is something for everyone, doesn’t matter whether you are in search of a fizzy energy drink, a summer fruit, a winter fruit or a combination of the three.

Regardless of how many flavours Elf Bar offers, you would be missing out on a lot if you choose the place for your vape pods poorly. If you are looking for an Elf Bar vape pod, visit vaporshopdirect.com to pick from a complete range of flavours. Oh, and you don’t need to meet a minimum order requirement.