Do Vapes Have Lithium Batteries?

Vapor Shop Direct is back with yet another blog, and this time we will be exploring a vital component in every vape device. Lithium-ion batteries have become a prevalent power source in various electronic devices, including vapes. With their high energy density and rechargeability, these batteries provide the necessary power to fuel the heating elements of vapes.


Lithium Batteries and Vapes

Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used in electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and vapes. These batteries are known for their high energy density, long lifespan and fast charging capabilities. However, lithium-ion batteries can also pose a safety risk if they are damaged, overheated or misused.

Vape mods typically use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to power the device's heating element. These batteries can be found in various shapes and sizes, depending on the type of vape. Vape mods use replaceable batteries that can be removed and charged separately. Disposable vapes, on the other hand, have built-in batteries most of the time.

There are different types of lithium batteries used in vapes, the 18650, the 18350 and the 26650 are the three main popular lithium batteries used in vapes.


Advantages provided by Lithium-ion batteries for vapes.

Even though lithium-ion batteries are small and lightweight, they can store a large amount of energy in them. For portable devices like vapes, high energy density is a necessity. It allows them to operate for extended periods without needing frequent recharging.

Vapes are elegantly designed as they should be eye-catching for you to purchase them (especially disposable vapes). Fitting into these perfectly designed portable devices isn’t an easy task. Lithium batteries are compact in size and the nature of lithium batteries allows for greater flexibility in vape design and makes them more convenient for users to carry around.

For you to have the best experience in vaping, the power output of the battery must be faultless! Lithium-ion batteries offer stable voltage levels throughout their discharge cycle, ensuring that the vape operates reliably and consistently until the battery requires recharging.

Rechargeability and the ability to fast charge are another blessing that accompany lithium batteries. Fast charging is especially beneficial for users who are on the go and need a rapid recharge to continue vaping.


Safety Concerns with Lithium Batteries and Vapes

While lithium-ion batteries are generally safe when used properly, there have been instances of vapes exploding or catching fire due to battery malfunctions. These incidents have sometimes resulted in serious injuries or property damage. However, it is extremely unlikely that a vape will explode if it isn't mishandled by the user.

To minimize the risk of battery-related incidents, it's important to use vapes and lithium-ion batteries according to the manufacturer's instructions. This includes avoiding overcharging or undercharging the battery, using the correct charger for the battery, and avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures.


Charging Lithium Batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect. Batteries should never be used when the capacity of the battery is exhausted (which is also called deep discharge). Deep discharge can damage your battery in the long term. We advise you to make use of the vape when the battery level is between 20% to 90%.


Regulations and Standards for Lithium Batteries and Vapes

In recent years, there has been increased regulation of vapes and lithium-ion batteries to address safety concerns. There are several international standards and guidelines for the design, testing, and transportation of lithium-ion batteries. However, lithium-ion batteries are not banned in the UK.

To ensure that vapes and lithium-ion batteries are safe and reliable, it's important to choose products that comply with these regulations and standards. This includes purchasing vapes from reputable manufacturers and trusted vape stores, like Vapor Shop Direct. 

Vapes do contain lithium-ion batteries, which can pose a safety risk if they are damaged or misused. To minimize the risk of battery-related incidents, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and use only approved batteries and chargers. For example, avoid using your vape device while it is wet.



Disposable vapes do contain lithium-ion batteries, which come with their own set of safety considerations. The energy efficiency and rechargeability of lithium batteries make them an attractive option for vape manufacturers, allowing them to create longer-lasting devices.

However, it is important to recognize the safety considerations associated with lithium batteries. Users should take precautions to avoid battery malfunctions, overheating or other incidents that could compromise their safety.

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