Elf Bar vape stoptober

If you are having a tough time breaking your smoking habit, you are not alone. Luckily, there are plenty of options for those taking the vape route to quit smoking. In this blog, Vapor Shop Direct explores whether Elf Bar disposable vapes qualify to be your Stoptober companion.


Elf Bar vapes

Elf Bar is a popular name you have undoubtedly come across, and with good reason. The design of the vape pod, the flavours, the throat hit – everything about the Elf Bar is appealing to newcomers and avid vapers. If you haven’t tried an Elf Bar before, there are plenty of reasons you should; it is amongst the best disposable vapes available for purchase in the UK.

Each Elf Bar is pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid and fitted with a 550mAh battery. Elf Bar vapes are non-rechargeable, as there is no real reason to plug it in when the battery lasts as long as the e-liquid does. Each vape pod delivers 600 puffs on average.


Elf Bar design and flavours

The design of Elf Bars vapes is as simple as it gets. There are no buttons; simply rip the vape pod out of the packaging and start inhaling. Elf Bar vape pods are compact and lightweight, making them ideal for on-the-go vaping. Make no mistake, this is your ultimate pocket-friendly vape if you are traveling.

You couldn’t really speak about Elf Bar vapes without mentioning the primary reason for their fame: their delicious collection of flavours. Ranging from fruity-menthol mixes to energy drinks and desserts, Elf Bar vapes will have you hooked, never to even glance at a cigarette again.


Elf Bar 600 vape features:

  • Compact design
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • 600 Puffs Per Elf Bar
  • Inhale Activated
  • 20mg/10mg/0mg nicotine
  • Smooth Throat Hit


Will Elf Bars help me quit smoking?

The short answer to the question is Yes!

Elf Bars are great for ex-smokers, or those looking to make the transition. The throat hit and MTL design mimic cigarettes. Elf Bar 600 vapes have three nicotine strengths: 20mg, 10mg and 0mg. Most smokers find comfort in the 20mg nicotine strength since you get about the same nicotine dosage as you do out of a cigarette. A smart strategy would be to start at 20mg and gradually work your way down to 0mg, slowly shedding your nicotine addiction along the way.

The key take here is that nicotine is what makes cigarettes so addictive. Elf Bar 600 e-liquids contain quick-acting nicotine to deliver a nicotine kick similar to that of a cigarette. Each time a smoker craves another cigarette, a few puffs from an Elf Bar is sufficient to satisfy the nicotine cravings.


Are Elf Bars safer than cigarettes?

Elf Bars are as safe as vaping gets. There is no added danger to vaping disposable vapes, as compared to vape mods or vape pens. Speaking in general, vaping is much, much safer than smoking.

What makes tobacco smoke so harmful is the carbon monoxide, tar and other carcinogenic chemicals. Vapes deliver the same nicotine kick without any of the cancer-causing by-products of tobacco smoke. Elf Bars are a perfectly safe alternative to cigarettes, helping you kick the habit while still enjoying a flavourful nicotine dose.

However, it is necessary to follow the basic guidelines related to health and safety while smoking. Using a wet disposable vape increases the risk of battery fires or explosions, and defective devices provide an added risk of burn injuries.



Elf Bars will help you quit smoking. Elf Bar 600 vapes are capable of delivering the same nicotine dosage as a cigarette, without any of the carcinogenic by-products of tobacco smoke. Elf Bars will be a great addition to your Stoptober shopping list; arm yourself to fight against your smoking habit!

A single Elf Bar, however, won’t cut it. A 28-day no-smoking challenge will have you quickly cycling through disposable vapes. To support you on your journey to quit, Vapor Shop Direct offers exclusive deals during Stoptober.

Grab three Elf Bar disposable for just £12! Order before 2 pm to receive your Elf Bar vapes on the same day.