Why You Should Grab The Aspire Cyber G Vape Kit Right Away

Welcome to yet another review by Vapor Shop Direct: the Aspire Cyber G Vape Kit! If you're looking to elevate your vaping game, this masterpiece from the renowned "Cyber" series by Aspire is ready to steal the show.

Here's an overview of the features and innovations that make the Cyber G a must-have in your vaping collection.


Aspire Cyber G Vape Kit

Unveiling the Cyber G, the third remarkable creation in Aspire's "Cyber" series, following the Cyber S and Cyber X. What sets the Cyber G apart? It's not just another pod vape – it's a vape pen that's about to change the game.

Unlike its siblings, the Cyber G takes on the sleek form factor of a vape pen while retaining the futuristic allure of the series. Don't let its compact design fool you; the Cyber G is a powerhouse of performance and style.


Aspire Cyber G Design and Functionality

Let's dive into the details that make the Cyber G an unrivaled vaping companion:


Aluminum Alloy Elegance

Crafted with precision and elegance, the Cyber G boasts an aluminum alloy body that's as durable as it is visually appealing. This robust build ensures your Cyber G stays stunning and reliable for the long haul.


Versatile Firing Options

The Cyber G is all about giving you options. It offers both draw-activated and button-activated firing, allowing you to tailor your vaping experience to your preferences. The firm and responsive round button, adorned with the iconic Aspire "a" logo, adds a touch of sophistication to your vaping sessions.


LED Ring Magic

Get ready to be dazzled! The LED ring encircling the base of the Cyber G lights up with every draw, turning your vaping experience into a spectacle. It's not just a vape – it's a vape glowstick that's sure to turn heads and spark conversations.


Refillable Pods: Simple Convenience

The Cyber G comes equipped with two refillable pods that redefine convenience. Filling your pods is a breeze, thanks to the rubber port located on the side. But that's not all – these pods can hold either 30ml or 60ml bottles, accommodating your choice of e-juices.


Customize Your Aspire Cyber G Vape

The Cyber G isn't just about style; it's about giving you control over your vaping experience:

Toggle Between Modes

No two vapers are alike, and the Cyber G understands that. With the ability to toggle between draw and button-activated firing modes, you're in command. Choose between the following modes:

  • Two LEDs: Engage both button and auto-draw firing.
  • Left LED only: Enjoy auto-draw vaping exclusively.
  • Right LED only: Indulge in button-activated vaping only.


Aspire Cyber G Vape Battery

The Cyber G may be sleek, but its 850mAh battery is anything but small. Expect impressive endurance with nearly two full pods vaped on a single charge. Stay informed about battery levels through the LED ring that lights up in different colors:

  • Green: 60-100%
  • Blue: 30-60%
  • Red: Less than 30%


While the Cyber G's battery life is commendable, the charging speed could use a little boost. The device supports 1A Type-C charging through a port on the bottom, taking approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes for a full charge.


Performance that Delivers

Aspire's Cyber series is known for its outstanding performance, and the Cyber G is no exception. While it lacks the constant output feature found in its siblings, the Cyber G still provides an enjoyable vaping experience. The draw weakens as the battery drains, but the device maintains its allure until the last puff.

Satisfying Draw

Both pods offer a mouth-to-lung draw that leans slightly towards the tighter side. It's a draw that's comfortable, ensuring you enjoy every moment of your vaping journey.

Flavor Galore

Flavor enthusiasts, rejoice! The pods deliver exceptional flavor, especially when fully charged. Whether you're into nicotine salt or freebase e-juices, the Cyber G is your canvas for a sensory masterpiece.

Nicotine Strength Versatility

The Cyber G isn't picky when it comes to nicotine strength. Whether it's 30mg nicotine salts or higher strengths, these pods can handle it all, ensuring a satisfying experience regardless of your preference.



After exploring the intricacies of Aspire's Cyber G Vape Kit, it's time to reach a verdict:

Simple Yet Flavorful

For vapers, simplicity can often lead to the most remarkable experiences. The Cyber G is a prime example – it's a device you can pick up, fill, and vape with, making it an excellent choice for both new and veteran vapers.


Embrace the Cyber G Experience At Vapor Shop Direct

In the grand tapestry of vaping devices, the Aspire Cyber G Vape Kit weaves a story of style, flavor, and adaptability. It's a canvas for customization, a vessel for flavor exploration, and a companion for every vaping adventure.

So, if you're ready to step into the future of vaping, don't hesitate! Grab the Aspire Cyber G Vape Kit at Vapor Shop Direct and start your journey of performance and flavour. Your vaping experience will never be the same again – it's time to make your mark with the Cyber G!