Why SKE Crystal Bars are Great for Beginners

Vapes once looked just like cigarettes, which is how they get their name 'e-cigarettes'. Thankfully, this has changed over the years, and the market is now flooded with vape pens that barely resemble the ones from 2005.

Vapes got a lot more stylish with the introduction of disposable vapes. Amongst the ones available for sale today, the SKE Crystal Bar is probably the nicest looking, sporting a crystal-like appearance. While they are known for their looks, an often-overlooked quality is how beginner-friendly SKE Crystal Bars are. 

In this blog, Vapor Shop Direct will explore the SKE Crystal Bar 600 Disposable vape and why it is such a fine choice for beginners.


The SKE Crystal Bar has great adaptability and feasibility

The vape lives up to its name; the design actually does resemble an eye-catching crystal. This design is crafted with beginners in mind, regardless of whether you are an ex-smoker, or you just want to try out vaping.

Their ergonomic shape fits naturally in your hand, ensuring a pleasant and fatigue-free experience. There are no complex settings; just take a smooth hit from your crystal bar and teleport into another dimension through taste.


The SKE Crystal Bar is cost-effective

The Crystal Bar 600 disposable vape offers you 600 puffs which is equivalent to 20 normal cigarettes. Along with 500mAh of battery power, it consists of a 2ml e-liquid containing 20 mg of nicotine salt. That's an enormous bang for your buck, considering that it's cheaper than an Elf Bar.

A new upcoming feature introduced by this brand is the nicotine e-liquid flavours of either 10mg or 20mg.

The SKE Crystal Bar 600 will cost £3.90 each. And that is as cheap as it gets for a vape of its design.


Crystal Bar Flavours

SKE Crystal Bars come in a variety of delightful flavours, each offering a unique sensory experience to enhance your crystal-infused vaping sessions. There are 41 unique flavours to choose from, and each flavour is represented by its own colour combination.

There is a variety of flavours from fruits, and candy to menthol. Blueberry Cherry Cranberry, Fire Brew, Cotton Candy Ice, and Watermelon Strawberry Bubblegum are a few of their own unique flavours.

Here’s a word about how mouth-watering a few selected flavours are:

Blueberry Cherry Cranberry - Cranberries and cherries blended with sweet blueberries into a tantalising e-liquid.

Cotton Candy Ice - A sweet candy floss that's chilled with an icy blast of menthol, creating a wonderful flavour.

Watermelon Strawberry Bubblegum - Sweet strawberries and juicy watermelons packed into a smooth bubblegum.

Apple Peach - Tangy green apples combined with some sweet, juicy peaches.

Lemon Peach Passion Fruit - A delightful flavour mixed with notes of sour lemon, sweet peach, and fresh passion fruit.

Mango Ice - A tropical blend of sweet mangoes combined with some cool menthol.


Vaping safely and navigating around fake vapes

As vapes grew more popular, so did the number of counterfeit vape products circulating in the market. We can safely assure you that the SKE crystal bar is a safe-to-go vaping device abiding by the rules of the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD), if you buy it from a reputable store like Vapor Shop Direct.

Crystal Vape bars are as safe as disposable vapes get, with no harmful chemicals present in the e-liquid. They are void of all the harmful carcinogenic substances found in cigarettes. In the absence of tar and carbon monoxide, you are essentially just consuming nicotine and vapour.

Reputable manufacturers follow strict quality control measures during the production of crystal bar vapes. They ensure that the devices meet industry standards and regulations for safety, performance, and materials used. This helps minimize the risk of defects or potential hazards.

Crystal bar vapes are designed to provide a safe inhalation experience. They often feature proper airflow control mechanisms and safety features to prevent issues such as overheating or excessive inhalation of vapour. The devices are engineered to deliver vapour in a controlled manner, ensuring user safety.


SKE crystal bar vapes offer an ideal entry point into the world of vaping. These devices provide a seamless and convenient way to experience the energetic benefits of crystals. With their user-friendly design, high-quality materials, and emphasis on safety, SKE crystal bar vapes prioritize the well-being of users.

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