Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt?

So, you've been vaping for a while. You've been enjoying your favourite e-liquid flavour every day, blowing masses of clouds. Then one day, you start vaping, and your e-liquid tastes different. It tastes burnt. But why is this? Why does it taste burnt, and how can we fix it? Well today I am going to answer both of these questions.


If you use a tank or an all in one, it may be a good idea to think how long you have had your coil heads. If your vape was working well before, you most likely have either an old coil or a burnt one, so our main suggestion would be to change the coils. Buy some new coils here

If your coils have hotspots, getting rid of the coil would be beneficial. These hotspots can give you a burnt, metallic taste, even if your wicks are saturated. Even if you can't see a burnt spot, throw the coils out, as this horrible flavour can stick.

Learning how to prime your coils is key to preventing vapes tasting burnt in the future. Simply install the coil and add drops of e-liquid onto the wick holes. Fill the tank, and then let it sit for half an hour. While this may be a while, it is important not to rush it. Once the half hour is up, start vaping on the lowest setting, increasing it every few puffs until you find the perfect spot, for both heat and flavour. 

The taste can also depend on the cotton in the coils. If there isn't enough, the e-liquid can leak, but if there is too much, it can jam, creating a burnt taste. Experiment with more or less cotton to find the perfect amount.

One other thing you can try is cleaning the coils. As seen in this blog, the coils can be cleaned by simply rinsing it, or by using an ultrasonic cleaner. If the coils are dark or charred looking after cleaning, it is probably a good idea to get rid of them.


The e-liquid can also affect whether or not you get a burnt taste, specifically the VG/PG ratio. High VG juice can't be handled by some atomisers because it is too thick. Try using a lower VG e-liquid until you can find the right balance.

E-Liquids can contain sucralose or other sweeteners. Be aware of these, as they can destroy your wicks and give you a dry, burnt taste. These e-liquids are usually dark and opaque.

The e-liquid can be affected by the weather. A high PG juice can be made thick like a high VG juice in cold conditions, giving you a burnt tasting hit. Try to avoid this extremely cold weather.

The Way You Vape

The burnt taste can be simply because of the way you vape. If you vape at a high wattage on a fresh coil, you can get a burnt taste. Try turning down the wattage in order to make the e-liquid taste better.

If you are a chain vaper, you can experience a burnt taste. Some atomisers wick faster than others, so if you start experiencing a burnt hit, you should try to slow down your vaping, to give the coils time to wick up.

A mod with temperature control can really help to avoid that burnt taste. A temperature control mod with nickel, stainless steel or titanium coils will let you limit the temperature of your vape. Find a temperature control mod in our variety of mods here.

Now you should know a variety of ways in which to stop getting a burnt taste when you vape. Hope these tips work for you, and happy vaping!