What’s the Ideal Wattage for Vaping?

Like most of the factors you need to consider when you start vaping, the ideal wattage is not the same for everyone. Everyone has different preferences depending on what they want from the vaping experience, so here is a helpful guide on what to take into account when choosing your wattage.

What is Wattage?

Wattage measures the amount of power used by an e-cigarette. This affects the temperature in which the e-liquid is vaped at.

Variable Wattage

Not all mods allow you to change the wattage. While most box mods do, like the Suicide Mods, mods like pods, sticks and mech mods don't always have variable wattage, so you can't change it.

To control the wattage, what you want is a regulated mod with a chip that can control different outputs. Some allow you to control temperature and voltage, but most of them are to control wattage. 


One of the most integral factors in choosing your wattage is what coils you use and their recommended wattage range. The coils usually have the wattage range on either the box or on the coils themselves. The UWell Nunchaku Coils for example have the wattage range written on the coil (as seen in the picture above). The wattage range changes depending on the voltage, but still gives you 10W leeway.

Vape Hit

A good hit is important for vapers. Some people don't want to feel like nothing has been vaped, but at the same time, people don't want to feel like they've been kicked in the back of the head, so you want to find something down the middle that will suit you.

If you want big clouds and a hard throat hit, you want to have a higher wattage. Be aware that the clouds to throat hit ratio is dependant on the VG/PG ratio of the e-liquid, since VG gives you bigger clouds, while PG gives you a bigger throat hit. 

Also remember the temperature is affected. Some people like a high wattage where the warm vapor is blasted down their throat, but this isn't for everyone.


The flavour of the e-liquid is affected by the wattage, since the flavour components are heated at different temperatures. Adjusting the wattage will bring out different flavours. 

Deciding on this comes down to your preference. While one liquid might taste good at 60W, for another you may have to boost in to 75W. The best thing to do is start your wattage low and increase it steadily until you find the sweet spot.

Generally, it is thought that a delicate flavour like fruits is better at a lower wattage, while more complex flavours like desserts or coffee are better at higher wattages.

Equipment Lifespan

The wattage you vape at will affect your kit too. Since the wattage is the amount of power, the higher the wattage, the quicker the battery runs out.

The coils are similarly affected, since if a wattage is too high, the coils will burn out quicker. This is especially true if you use a wattage outside the recommended range listed on the coils. If your coils taste burnt after you change them, you may want to look into the wattage.


Now hopefully you should be able to choose which wattage is best. The decision will take time, but eventually you should find what's best for you. Happy vaping!