What is Cloud Chasing?

There are many parts of vaping that people enjoy. The flavours. The kits. The nicotine. A lot of people enjoy vaping for the clouds as well, creating big puffs and doing cool tricks. Today I will talk you through what cloud chasing is, how it works and why people love it so much.

What is Cloud Chasing?

Cloud chasing is when you try and make huge clouds of vapour. This is often done by professional vapers as a hobby and competitive vaping involves creating big and creative clouds. There are many videos online showcasing how to do vape tricks.

The activity of cloud chasing began around 2012 in the West Coast of the U.S.. Cloud chasing was not the main reason vapes were created and instead became a byproduct. The inventor of the modern e-cigarette, Hon Lik, spoke about this back in 2015, saying "When automotive manufacturers first started out, they were not thinking about a sport to be called Formula One. You always have groups of people who are looking for excitement."

How Do You Cloud Chase?

Creating massive clouds isn't as simple as just vaping any random kit. There are two main factors in creating lots of vapour.

Sub-Ohm Vaping is vaping with a coil that has a resistance of less than 1 ohm. This can be done by bringing more power to the battery, as if more power is applied to the coils, the coils get hotter and more vapour is produced, though you need to be careful not to give too much power to the battery, as this can lead to excess heat. For more information on sub-ohm vaping, visit this blog

The other way to get more vapour is by having more VG in your e-liquids. E-Liquids come in a VG/PG ratio. PG controls the throat hit, while VG is the one responsible for the vapour production. A higher VG ratio would mean that more vapour is produced.

Competitive Vaping

Many "professional vapers" do competitions, competing to see who can make the best cloud or the most vapour. They try to do different vape tricks, like making rings, streams or ripples. In the past, there have been many official vape competitions, where competitors can win money of between $250 and $2000.

There are many rules to competitive vaping. Vapers stand back to back when blowing their clouds, which are measured with a yardstick or a ruler by girth, length and overall density. The competitor who makes the biggest cloud moves on to the next round. Some of the largest clouds have been measured at almost 6 feet.

The Issue With Cloud Chasers

Many people are wary of vapers because of the vapour they produce, being worried that this can cause health issues from second hand vapour. Even some vapers have hit back against cloud chasers, saying it makes vaping look more like a game, which could attract younger people, giving vaping a bad reputation. Some bars and restaurants that allow vaping do not allow cloud chasers.


Cloud chasing is a common thing nowadays, with many people still trying to make good vape tricks. If you want to be a cloud chaser, check out our range of sub-ohm devices and high VG e-liquids! For now, happy vaping!