Vaping Tips For Winter

The days are getting darker quicker. The nights are getting colder. Winter has come, Winter affects vaping in many ways so, today, I am going to guide you through some tips for vaping in winter.


One question you may have is since e-liquid is a liquid, can it freeze? Well, it can freeze, but it does have a lower freezing point than water (so if you see a frozen puddle, it doesn't mean your e-liquid is frozen too). Water freezes at 0°C, while 2 main components of e-liquid, VG and PG, freeze at -17°C and -12°C respectively, so it will need to be very cold for it to freeze. This can vary on the mix of ingredients in each flavour.

While your e-liquid may not freeze up into a popsicle, it can get thicker when cold. Be sure to pay attention to your clearomizer in winter to ensure you get peak performance.

If you are looking for some refreshing vape juice to try in the winter, a classical coffee flavour might help you think of warmer places.


While you need to take care of your car or bike during winter, you also need to take care of your vaping appliance. The issue is the cold weather can affect your battery life, reducing it to about 70% its usual capacity, so be sure to keep the battery as warm as possible. In mild temperatures, you can simply put the e-cigarette in your pocket so the cold doesn't get to it, or keep it somewhere where it won't be exposed to the temperature for long periods of time.

Keeping Warm

Obviously, as usual in winter, you too need to stay warm, so standing outside vaping in the freezing cold might not be that nice. Remember to wrap up warm in winter. Try using gloves, as at least one hand will need to be out your pocket to hold the e-cigarette. If you are somewhere that allows indoor vaping (see here for more info), take this opportunity.


Winter can be hard on your lips, making them chapped (cracked, rough or sore). It is advised that, if you vape, you should use lip balm, to be sure there isn't a chance of the metal tip getting stuck. You may have seen this happen with lampposts in comedy films, but this can really happen, so be careful.


These tips are mostly just common sense and things you would normally do during winter. Be sure to stay safe this winter, and happy vaping!