Vaping On Holiday

It's summer holiday time! Time for sun, sea and sand. Time to get away from the stress of life for a week, but you still need to vape, right? Today I will talk you through the do's and don'ts of vaping on holiday.

Checking Ahead

The holiday vaping procedure starts before you even get on the plane. There are many checks you may want to do before you go.

First, check if you are allowed to vape at the airport. While most airports do not allow you to vape inside, some have designated vaping areas outside the terminal.

Vaping on the plane is strictly forbidden, however on some planes you are still allowed to take the vape on the plane. You should check with the airline provider whether or not you can take your vape. 

Since e-cigarettes use lithium batteries, on some planes the batteries have to be carried separately. The cigarette also cannot be charged up on the plane for fear of overheating.

While it is ok to vape in the UK, there are other countries where vaping is not legal, while some countries allow vaping, but with restrictions. Below is a table of the different countries and the legality of vaping.

Country Using Vapes Selling Vapes
Antigua and Barbuda Legal Illegal
Argentina Legal Illegal
Bahrain Legal Illegal
Bhutan Legal Illegal
Brazil Legal Illegal
Brunei Legal Illegal
Cambodia Illegal Illegal
Chile Legal Illegal (except medical products)
Colombia Legal Illegal
East Timor Illegal Illegal
Egypt Legal Illegal
Ethiopia Legal Illegal
Gambia Illegal Illegal
India Legal Legal (Though some states ban them)
Iran Illegal Illegal
Japan Legal Legal to sell devices, but not nicotine liquid
Jordan Illegal Illegal
Lebanon Illegal Illegal
Malaysia Legal Illegal
Mauritius Legal Illegal
Mexico Legal Illegal but Often Not Enforced
Nepal Legal Illegal
Nicaragua Illegal Illegal
North Korea Illegal Illegal
Norway Legal Illegal
Oman Illegal Illegal
Panama Legal Illegal
Qatar Illegal Illegal
Saudi Arabia Legal Illegal
Seychelles Legal Illegal
Singapore Illegal Illegal
Sri Lanka Legal Illegal
Suriname Legal Illegal
Thailand Illegal Illegal
Turkmenistan Illegal Illegal
United States Legal Legal (With a Licence)
Uruguay Legal Illegal



When going on holiday, you want to make sure you have everything you need before going. You don't want to pack all your e-liquids only to get to the destination and find you have forgotten your kit, rendering the liquids useless.

Here's a list of things you should pack before going on holiday.

  • Vape Kit 
  • E-liquid
  • Replaceable Atomizers 
  • Spare Tank
  • Batteries
  • Charger

Be sure to empty the tank before you pack it, so the liquid doesn't leak in the bag. For the same reason, be sure that the bottle is tightly shut.

Airplanes have restrictions on the amount of liquids you can take on a plane, allowing only 100ml, so don't pack too much. You may want to take your favourite mod for huge clouds, but some countries have restrictions, as seen above.

Other Things

Rental Cars

If you rent a car on holiday, some don't allow you to vape in the vehicle. It is best to check before you vape in the car as it can affect your insurance.

Vaping In Public

Some countries have different laws regarding where you can and can't vape. If you want to vape in a restaurant or a cafe, it is best to ask first, otherwise you may be kicked out.


Keep your vape out of the direct sunlight, since it can cause the liquid to get thinner and leak. The heat can also affect your batteries.

Now you should know the correct etiquette for vaping on holiday. Before you go, be sure to stock up on e-liquids, coils and more! Have a great holiday and happy vaping!