Vaping guide: Replacing your Atomiser

Nothing lasts forever. This commonly quoted phrase applies to everything starting from the world that keeps spinning, all the way to the atomiser coil in your vape device. One of the only things that indefinitely does last forever is the love Vapor Shop Direct has for you; our readers and customers. Together, let’s delve a little deeper into that atomiser on your vape device that needs replacing.

Now, as you unscrew the atomiser from your vape pen/pod, you’re faced with several options for a replacement. But before we list out your options, let’s briefly discuss what an atomiser is.


What is an atomiser?


Without an atomiser, your vape device is essentially just a tank carrying vape juice. An atomiser is made of two main components: a wick and a coil. The wick is the medium through which e-liquid flows while the coil is the main heating element. Within an atomiser, the coil is wrapped around the wick.

The wick is typically made of cotton whereas the coil consists of conductive material (Nichrome or Kanthal). Shining light on customizability, you could essentially make your build at home depending on your desired vaping experience. We’ll get to that in a moment, now let’s get into the details of how an atomiser works.


How does an atomiser work?

The ‘coil and wick’ couple within the atomiser works harmoniously together for you to enjoy a delicious puff. The wick transports the e-liquid from the tank and into the atomiser, where it gets vapourised by the coil. It is worth noting here that different wicks transport different quantities of e-liquid. Most experienced vapers pick their wick based on the coil, e-liquid and device they are using.

When you inhale (if you are using a draw-activated device) or when you press the button, energy from the battery flows to the coil through a circuit. This causes the coil to heat up, reaching the high temperatures required to produce vapour. The vapour then exits the atomiser and flows through the mouthpiece, thus completing a draw.


Disposable atomisers

Are you new to vaping? Worry not, for you do not have to drag your way through endless amounts of detail on atomisers. Are you fairly experienced but looking for a low-maintenance option? Then you are more than likely to be pre-acquainted with this kind of atomiser.

A disposable atomiser is as simple as they get. You fit one onto your vape device and get straight to business. Disposable atomisers are not built to last. After a few days, you will see the first indications that your atomiser is worn out and needs replacing. When that occurs, you know the drill; unscrew, toss, screw a new one in its place.

In addition to being beginner-friendly and relatively low-maintenance, disposable atomisers come with another benefit. You see, when you switch e-liquids, you can’t enjoy the new flavour without a hint of the previous if you haven’t replaced the wick. The wick will always carry a certain amount of taste from the previous e-liquid which may place a restriction on your vaping experience. This isn’t an issue with disposable atomisers, since you’ll be replacing the wick quite often together with the coil.


Replaceable atomisers

For most vapers, this is the first thing that comes to mind when discussing coils and atomisers. Replaceable atomisers are popular throughout the vaping community, almost regardless of user experience. With these often smart-looking atomisers, you have the option of replacing the coil head as you exceed one’s lifespan.

Replaceable atomisers give you far greater control over your experience. You can customize certain features such as airflow and resistance to suit your personal vaping style. While it demands a certain degree of skill and familiarity to personalize, you’ll find yourself spared from the large number of details that go into rebuildable atomisers.

Replaceable atomisers will save you significantly more than disposable ones. While you will be subjected to a heftier starting price, the cost of just changing coils on the same atomiser for extended periods will prove to be more affordable than tossing the whole thing away and buying a new one.


Rebuildable atomisers

The far-right end of the difficulty spectrum. This is what you are looking for if you are an expert vaper and a handyman. With rebuildable atomisers, you can essentially create your own atomiser, custom-tailored to meet your vaping requirements. You can’t get any control over your vape device beyond a rebuildable atomiser.

With different resistance coils, wire sizes and wicking material (you could buy pre-made ones or create your own), you can create your own unique piece in exchange for a slightly higher money and time cost.

There are several risks involved with rebuildable atomisers if you are not sure of what you are doing. Creating a piece with no regard for resistance levels may take a toll on your vape device or even cause injuries.


Is it time to replace your atomiser?


Now that you’re aware of your options when purchasing an atomiser, it’s time to backpedal a little. The first and most obvious step to replacing your atomiser is knowing that your current one needs replacing. So… what are the signs?


A weakened ‘burnt’ flavour accompanies your puffs

If you experience this, you’d certainly guess that there is something wrong with your device. Well, it is just your atomiser bidding you goodbye. Time to get a new one!


You hear a gurgling noise

Another clear indication that your atomiser is giving in. While some vape devices are more prone to gurgling than others, a noise that wasn’t there while your coil was fresh translates to needing a replacement.


Your vape device is leaking

This is something you’d definitely not want to experience. A leaky vape device lays the groundwork for a whole set of other problems. A leaking vape device doesn’t always point to a worn-out coil, but it’s always possible.



Atomisers are an essential component of any vape device. An atomiser consists of a coil and a wick; the wick transports vape juice and the coil heats it into vapour.

Atomisers don’t last forever, and you’ll eventually have to replace the coil and wick. It’s important to know all the options available to you and when your atomiser needs a replacement. An alternative option to replacing your atomiser would be to purchase disposable vape pods. The way they work is simple; when you are done with the e-liquid in your device, you toss it away and get a new one. There is no complex replacement procedures, refilling or recharging involved. You can find one that suits you right here Oh, we’ve got a collection of atomisers too!