Vaping at Weddings

With vaping becoming such a big trend in recent years, vape weddings have actually started to become a thing. Since Valentine's Day is here, today I decided to look into the trend of vaping weddings, and when you can vape at weddings.

Vape Weddings

Vape wedding photos started popping up regularly in 2019, where the bride and groom, along with wedding guests, vape during the wedding photos, blowing big clouds of vapour up in the air. Some people are for this, saying that you should celebrate your big day however you want, while other people are against it, saying that you shouldn't vape during the most important day of your life.

Vape Bar

One of the most social places during the wedding is the bar, so why not turn it into a vape bar? Share e-liquids and vapes with friends and families. Make sure the vape bar has plenty of unique flavours of all sorts of strengths to fit everyone's taste. Also, keep spare mouthpieces and atomizers in case a coil burns out. This gives your guests the opportunity to pick up a vape and enjoy their favourite juice!

Vape Photography

As seen in this Daily Mail article, vape photos at weddings are a growing trend, with people blowing vapour up in the air during their wedding photographs. With some photographers enjoying smoke photography, they'll likely be on board and may even have some ideas on how best to take the photos.

Ideally, you will want high VG e-liquids if you are taking vape photographs, as well as a good sub-ohm kit. This will allow you to create plenty of vapour to make your vape photos look their best.

The Etiquette of Vaping at Weddings

While vape weddings are a thing, obviously most weddings would prefer not to have a big vape theme, but it doesn't mean you can't vape at the wedding. There is, however, some rules and etiquette you should follow when you want to vape.

Vape in the Right Places

Vaping outside during the wedding is generally considered to be ok, but vaping inside is more complicated. A general rule of thumb is to not vape where you wouldn't smoke.

With some venues, like restaurants or hotels, vaping is allowed. The best thing to do would be to ask the bride or groom, or the staff of the venue, whether or not vaping is allowed in the venue.

Do not, under any circumstances, vape during the actual wedding ceremony. While you may feel the need to vape, the wedding ceremony is the most important part of the wedding, and the part that makes the marriage official. Vaping during the ceremony can be seen as disrespectful and can ruin this perfect moment.

Have Common Courtesy For The People Around You

While vaping may be allowed in the venue, not everybody wants you vaping around them. Ask the guests around you whether or not they are ok with you vaping near them, since guests may not want you vaping near their food. The best thing to do would be to step away from the table to vape.

Do not vape anywhere near children. Parents will be annoyed if they see a lot of vapour surrounding their child, with some even mistaking it for smoke. Since it isn't 100% proven that second hand vapour is safe for children, it is best to ensure there are no children around you when you vape.

Even for the bride or groom, common courtesy is needed. If you want to have a vape wedding, ensure that your significant other wants to as well, otherwise it will ruin their special day. Also, if you are throwing a vape wedding, ensure your guests are happy with the vapour. If some guests are not, try to stand away from them when you are vaping and take some non-vaping photos to include them in.

If the wedding is not a vape wedding, stealth vaping would be ideal, since you won't be blowing out massive plumes of vapour that can annoy the other guests. 


Now you should know about the interesting new trend of vape weddings. If anyone knows any reason vape weddings should not be a thing, speak now or forever hold your peace.