Vaping And Muslim Faith: Is Vaping Haram

Abul-Fath Gilani, The Persian physician of Akbar the Great, invented Hookah/Shisha in the 16th century. It quickly became a part of middle eastern culture and Muslims across the continent were accustomed to it. Smoking and nicotine is no stranger to the Muslim community. In this blog, Vapor Shop Direct will explore whether vaping is haram.

It's been almost 500 years but the Hookha culture still exists, but the devices have changed a lot. Regardless, there are some restrictions on smoking and using e-cigarettes that are both legal and religious.


Is Vaping Haram?

Haram is simply a sinful action that is forbidden to be done, which includes certain foods, alcohol, etc. In this case, smoking in general or tobacco is prohibited. They are forbidden due to their harmfulness. 'If It Didn't Contain Any Harmful Substance, Would It Still Be Haram?' is the next obvious question a vaper of Muslim faith would be interested in.

Some people believe that vaping is not Haram if it contains safe flavorings, is free of prohibited substances, and poses no risk to the user or other people. However, they would not call it “Halal” either, but if you are strict about your religious beliefs and practices, scholars still advise against it.


Are Halal E-Liquids Available In The Market?

E-liquid labeled as being halal does not exist. However, there are vape juices available without nicotine or other harmful ingredients. These are made of just flavoring, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. If you know where to look, it is simple to spot.

Most disposable vapes and e-liquids do not contain anything carcinogenic. Heated air is not the component that kills you; it's the carcinogenic substances that chip away at your health. It's all about "What's in there". Disposable vapes and e-liquids can be treated as some kind of an answer to your smoking habit, an option, or it can be your next addiction. Again, it's all about what you believe.



Smoking Vs Vaping

The Quran does not say anything about smoking but gives behavioral guidance such as “Don't throw yourself into danger by your own hands".

Al-Quran forbids everything that can hurt you, and that is for your own good. If the instructions from our cultural system are there to keep us safe, we shouldn't disregard them. However, some beliefs can change over time.

By the end of the 16th century, tobacco was a common remedy for a number of illnesses in Europe. Some medical professionals promoted tobacco as a cure-all for more than 65 different diseases. Cigarette companies started to advertise cigarettes as medicine. And people believed that cigarettes were medicine.

Many studies have been conducted, and the results show that smoking does not prevent or treat disease; rather, it makes it worse. And this led to the widespread assumption that smoking is merely a disease. However, there are neither theories nor presumptions about vaping. E-juice is not a medication, nor will it harm you as much as smoking does. And, nicotine-free vapes are completely safe for you.

A debate can drag on for a while for some people. Do what you believe is the right choice for you, while adhering to the rules laid out in religious texts. 

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