Elf Bars

There is no shortage of Elf Bars in the market. You could always find one that suits your personal vaping preferences with a quick stroll through our collection of Elf Bars at Vape Shop Direct. It’s great to have such a number of devices and flavours to choose from; great enough to confuse vapers about what to buy. Well, be confused no more! Vapor Shop Direct brings you a list ranking the top Elf Bars you could purchase.


Our picks for top Elf Bars

We’ve put together a list of the best-reviewed and best-selling Elf Bars, each with its own reason for being on our list.  User preference is what dictates which Elf Bar vape would be best for you.


 1. Elf Bar 600

Most popular

Elf Bar 600

The most popular, most sold of all Elf Bars; the humble Elf Bar 600. This is the signature disposable vape device that helped Elf Bar establish its position in the vape community. The long, sleek and lightweight design established a new benchmark for ‘the perfect disposable vape’, with many other vape brands copying their design. The Elf Bar 600 is as convenient as vaping can possibly get; just rip it out of its casing and start vaping.


 2. Elf Bar Lost Mary

Best reviewed

Elf Bar lost mary

Taking second place we have the Elf Bar Lost Mary vape. Everything about this vape is special; it disappears completely in a clenched fist, provides an extraordinary number of puffs and power for its relatively compact size, and it has a large collection of exclusive flavours. This is your ultimate discreet vaping device, lasting long enough to accompany you on any outing. The Elf Bar Lost Mary vape is amongst the best-reviewed Elf Bars and with good reason.


 3. Elf Bar Gee 600

 Ergonomic design
Elf Bar Gee

Not every Elf Bar stands out for its ergonomic design. These vape pods are made of stainless steel – a testament to their durability. However, what makes the Elf Bar Gee 600 special is the ergonomic shape and grip, with a comfortable-to-use mouthpiece. If you seek maximum comfort in your disposable vape, this product is for you. To complement the feel-good design, Elf Bar Gee 600 vapes come in 16 flavours, many of which are not found in other Elf Bars.


 4. Elf Bar cr500

Best lookingElf Bar cr500

If you are feeling superstitious, or if you prefer adding a bit of glass… and class to your vaping, this one is for you. Elf Bar cr500 vapes are shaped like miniature wine bottles, and each colour represents a birthstone. Being of a rather unusual shape, these disposable vapes are also slightly smaller than their other Elf Bar counterparts – small enough to favour discreet vaping (which, to be honest, defeats its entire purpose). Elf Bar cr500 vapes lack performance, owing to their more compact make.


5. Elf Bar Mate 500

Most environmentally friendly
Elf Bar mate 500

Perhaps the only issue with disposable vapes is that you have to get rid of the device once you’re done, creating a waste issue. The plastic they are made of is often not biodegradable and may end up in a landfill site.  Well, Elf Bar has a solution; the Elf Bar Mate 500. With this semi-disposable vape pod, you will only be replacing the P1 pod containing the mouthpiece, since the device is rechargeable and perfectly reusable. You can still enjoy the convenience associated with disposable vapes, minus the waste they produce.




That’s our top five picks for Elf Bars. Despite being relatively new, Elf Bar has amassed a loyal fanbase around its products and flavours. There really is something for everyone, doesn’t matter whether you are in search of something that feels good in the hand, looks like a wine bottle, or is compact enough to disappear completely in your fist.

Regardless of how many Elf Bars there are in existence, you would be missing out on a lot if you choose to store to purchase your Elf Bars poorly.

Vapor Shop Direct has a complete range of Elf Bars and flavours for you to choose from. Oh, it gets better; you’ll find exclusive discounts and you don’t have to meet a minimum purchase requirement to place your order.